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January 12, 2011


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Scrappywonder aka Rebecca

oh my heavens... the more I 'dig' into your blog - the more inspired I am... thank you.. R ;)


Love this post. These are lessons I'm learning this year, too. So hard. But the Lord is so near.


this was a beautiful post. i love you dearly.


very heartfelt and honest. Thanks for sharing, and please note...we have all been down that road, and will probably revisit it. I think as long as we learn from our mistakes, we will grow and become a better person for them.:)


hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs


very see through words you shared here. thank you for your transparency. it encourages those around you to be who they are truly suppose to be because you are so honesty.

Carol Miller

Wow Christy I was so moved and understand how you feel. I too have learned some hard lessons the past year and feel I am stronger.
Can't wait for your art class


Very beautiful post Christy. Truly inspiring.

Christine N

What a beautiful and caring post, Christy. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sharon Osborn

Thank you Christy. your words are ministering to my heart right now. Blessings


i love you...flaws and all...because i know you love me the same...we are sisters...
you are kind, you are unselfish, you are giving, always there for me...


So honest and beautiful! Thank you for sharing so kindly, and reminding us to look into our own hearts.

Michelle Rydell

Beautiful and wise words Christy. Thank you.


wow...I just love reading what you write...your an amazing woman, I will try to see a different side when faced with my next emotion (actually today I had a pretty rough day emotionally) anyway, thankyou as I learn and grow from you :)

Valerie L Johnson

Have you been living my life this last year Christy? In reading your words I felt as if I could have been writing them myself. Thank you for putting words to so many people's stories...and AMEN...


your art is beautiful Christy.
<3 beautiful words. For all of us. xo

melody ross

I love and your whole heart my sister. I am so in awe of you. You shine shine shine. I miss you. xoxox

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