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February 01, 2011



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Ronda P

julie totally rocks & is an amazing person!!

Sherri P eh

Julie is AWESOME and its so nice to see her featured here! WTG Julie!!!!


Julie's work is beautiful! Thank you so much for featuring her today!

Jen R

The new redesign looks GREAT!! I love it! I can't wait to sign up for She Art excited. :)


Great interview! I'm a fan of Julie's and linked to your blog from hers. I just signed up for the She Art workshop and can't wait to get started!!! Your website looks great and you are already "bookmarked" as one of my fav websites. Thanks and "see" you on the 28th!

Bambi Pro

Julie is amazing. Love her work. Was glad to see her here. Love the poppy prints. Thank you for having her here.

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