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February 03, 2011


Coroplast Signs

Thanks a lot for writing this, it was informative and helped me quite a bit for the subject I am working on.

business card scanner

I LOVE it! This is so cute and cool :)
It's amazing how some people can do art from almost anything.. I would never think about scanning and composing such a lovely idea.

Anthony B

Great Post!

True Religion Outlet

Something fun and cute. I had big plans to make a garland, cupcakes with toppers, and invitation.. but sometimes.. real life and being sick and being gone to CHA for 5 days.. just doesn't work out the way you planned! :) So we go with the flow!

Olivia Hall

Hey Christy! See what I did with your project idea at my blog :

I will be at Inspired too! I cant wait to meet you! ( im teaching the topiary trees and glass memoirs )

<3 Olivia Hall

Laura Evangeline

I love this, because everytime I see the men's/women's sign I think of the ones we have at work (Army). Both the man and woman look the same. No dresses! Isn't that sign supposed to help people who don't read? Like children or our frequent national visitors? So funny!

Marilyn Holland

Such a cool idea, ya I can see it all now you taking photos of the signs and then doing the scans. I've been known to take photos of carpet much to my friends surprise.

plantronics headsets

I love these gold on canvas! I love these gold on canvas! What a great gift idea for Valentine's Day! I'm starting to dabble with my ideas, and I'm so in love with the creation of new!

Liz Oram

So cute! I made a wedding card like this with matching him/her aprons (it was a cooking themed basket)-love bathroom people!

alicia king

so neat!


Those are so so very fun... you could even make a set to put in your bathroom... ;) or I could make a set for my bathroom... could be funny bathroom art... funny as in unique and comical cute... =) visiting from Courtney's blog!!


Wow! very nice information i get! Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty article with me.


How cool. I ,# the finished project

christy Tomlinson

Um Pat.. you would have died! The people walking past probably thought I was crazy.. fancy hotel, me scanning bathroom signs! lol..
yes.. that's me. I do those sort of things! lol

Shirley in Canada

That is just so neat! Great project and thanks for the inspiration!!

Pat Sloan

That is amazing!!! I would love to have photographed you scanning those.. just saying... wink!

Becky T

love those canvases and that flip mobile thing is awesome!


I've been looking and looking on the website - flip mobile blog - to see if I won, but I can't find any winners. I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Hmmm...


LOVE these! So awesome! Kirsti x

Scrappywonder aka Rebecca

omg, what a scream!!! love the set!! tfs R ;)

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