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February 11, 2011


Lucie Hale

Dear Christy, I seem to always be a few weeks behind everyone else! I guess it's cuz I work Sunday through Thursday, and sometimes weekends too, and have to cram my blogging and creative time in on my free Fridays and Saturdays, and sometimes, I have the kind of blah days that you described above! But I wanted to send this anyway, LATE as it is, to tell you thank you thank you thank you for being sooooooo generous with your talent. I have taken 2 of your classes and have 2 waiting to start (for when I have the time) and you have revolutionized my life with your sweet, honest, down-to-earth, heartwarming approach to art. I have watched your Creative Color and She Art Girl 1 videos over and over and all your freebies from wherever I can find. I've saving the Gilded Heart Valentines and the She had 3 Hearts for when I am ready to start a new challenge- and because I want to spread them out a little (I do get these for a whole year right?)! You are one of my favorite Creatives and I long to be like you when I grow up. Don't be surprised if you get more customers because I am telling all my artistic friends about you and your classes!
Thanks for beautiful Christy girl you made for us. I will print her on high quality paper and frame her in my Studio for constant inspiration!


thank ya .. thank ya.. thank ya!

Robin Nichols

Christy- You are truly a loving and awesome person! Thank you so...much for the special gift of yourself that I can print and hang in my scrapbook/guest room:) It will be an inspriation for me. So excited too for the She Art Workshop...a new experience and adventure for me!
Thank you for sharing! A fan, Robin

Sharon H

You are so talented ... and so generous ... thanks a bunch for the beautiful gift!!!


Thank you so much..... I can hardly wait to start creating my own little girls....

Karen Morris

Thank you so much for the gift! Darling gal! Love her! ( named her appropriately!)

ana smith

so happy you made it printable.thanks!

Jacquelyn Smith

She is a beautiful work of art and gift, and so are you! I am relatively new to your site, but so encouraged by it already! Thanks from someone just starting out on truly living the creative life I have always wanted to have! Be blessed!


I just posted your picture on a post on my site, giving you credit. Just wanted you to know you've made an impact on me! Thanks, Christy, for sharing your beautiful gift with us.


Such a generous and beautiful gift! Thank you so very much.


Thank you so much, Christy! What a beautiful Valentine's Day gift! I am so looking forward to SheArt! You are truly inspiring.

Barbara Tobey

Thank you. A wonderful example of thinking of others when things are going wrong for yourself. Works wonders on the "woe is me" attitude.

cathy b

thank you!


She is adorable ... and loved!!

mc designs

this is gorgeous, thanks!!


Thank you for this darling beautiful freebie So very kind x


Christy! I love this! I'm so sorry you had "that kind of day". But I completely understand. This download is beautiful . . . I'm so excited to print it off for my DD who had been so so helpful and loving lately. She is 11 and totally needs that reinforcement and knowledge that I recognize all she is doing and love her so much. THANK YOU! Hugs :)


Thank you so much Christy. She is adorable and will look so cute in my scrapbook room.


Thanks for sharing. It is beautiful!

Dana Loffland

You're a doll and so is she. I can hardly wait for the class! Thank you.

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