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February 11, 2011



love it

Fonda Darter

Thanks, she's a beauty!

Shawn Wenrich

You are truly talented. I luv this. While I wasn't totally thrilled when I read your posts about pursuing your more artsy side I assumed you'd do a lot less papercrafting which is dear to my heart. I totally get it after seeing this piece of artwork. I just do so adore your papercrafting, lol! Hang in there, you are loved!!!


You are TOO SWEET! I LOVE her and that I now have a little piece of your wonderful creative talent! I printed her out to make some cards to send to my daughters!
Thank you so much!

Chok Keun

This is such a beauty and thanks for sharing such bautiful art piece with us!
Hope you had a gre


Your work is incredibly creative and beautiful and thank you so much for sharing it with us! Sorry you had a bad day but you're so lucky to have family and friends that love and encourage you. Hope things are better.

Christy tomlinson

Pam! I would think so! Can't wait to see!!

Pam Staley

Christy, thank you! Your work is so unique and I absolutely get inspired whenever I read your blog. I am also going to print this beautiful Valentine gift and display it in my scrapping room. I have a question: I have some sticky back canvas by Claudine Hellmuth. I use an HP Photosmart 8750 wide format printer for some things. Is it possible to print your painting on that canvas? Has anyone tried that?

Bobbie H

she is just lovely, thanks you so much

julie menelaws

Thank you Christy, This is truly special and thank you for sharing. 'The Wonder of Love'.

Danee Kaplan

I love your work so much. I'm thrilled you feel better but you must know that telling 1/2 a story about kills me. I shall try really hard to forget it and not stew over what really happened.

Beautiful painting. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much. I printed her out at Costco and she will hang in my craft room also. Love her!

Kim Bolyard

thank you...


Betsy H.

oh I love it! thanks Christy!!!!

Wendy Hamm

Christy- Ever since I started purchasing my monthly kits from you I feel like you are a friend. You do beautiful work. You have made such a difference in my life and you don't even know it. I casually clicked on Brave Girls and then signed up for Soul Restoration. I'm a new woman because of you.
The best part is that every thing I've needed for class I pulled from my Scarlet Lime Stash. I never thought myself creative, but you have helped me with all the little goodies you send.
I love this beautiful piece because through the past year I've finally learned through art that I'm loved too.
Thank you Christy.
PS I'm copying this on the other blog just so you see it

Diane Marsh

Christy, being 3000 miles away from my honey on Valentine's Day really had me down. What a wonderful surprise when I opened your blog and found one of your beautiful "She Art" pictures, best of all your generosity in sharing her. Thank you for all you do.


Cristy I can't remember if I commented earlier. If so then this is just icing. She is lovely. Thank you for sharing her with us so that we can share her with other women we love and admire.

Laura C

She is beautiful. Your work is beautiful and you are so very very kind to share. Thank you. :)



Thank you so very much for your heart of pure gold. Keep doing what makes you happy...and the who with others...they are just jealous!! LOL

I'm looking forward to the class...and just love the mixed media art form. I want to do something special for my granddaughters...and this just may take care of it.

Robin Blackman

love it! usual:)

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