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February 07, 2011



Gosh I can't wait to see the mixed media kits! Love your stuff!!! Hugs!!


I am so happy you're here and sharing your art and thoughts about life. You inspired me to create something with meaning and full of love for my dad's 60th birthday this past weekend. Not only did he absolutely love the piece of art I created for him, but I loved creating it for him. It was wonderful to give a gift of love, and now my mind is wild with ideas for everything else I want to create! THank You for your inspiration! My style is totally different(which I think is good, that makes it unique to me) but the inspiration for how to come up with a gift that would mean something was totally you!

joni possin

This week I am going to put the finishing touches on my December Daily album, clean off my work table so that I am ready for your class to begin and have a working place.

I am also waiting anxiously to buy your class kit for your new class. So hurry, hurry, hurry!
PS If you check my Blog... I did a whole post about your new class. Even added a link to your registration!


Lots of ball practice for my son---he made the all star basketball team and baseball practice is also on the agenda.

my husband's birthday is friday---probably go out to eat to celebrate

that's about it for me with a little work throwed in too


Well, I was on the fence about SheArt only because I wasn't sure if I would have time to do the projects within the time frame that the videos will be available, but I referred back to my OWL for 2011 which is PUSH...and so, I signed up over the weekend because I'm going to push myself to make time for me and learning new things! I'm really excited about the class and so happy to be participating!

Erin Ummel

SOOO can't wait to see the mixed media kits! Yay!

I, too, love Somerset Magazines. I read them over and and over...they are just so pretty. I'm sure I am going to see your beautiful art in there soon!

Busy week of Valentine's Day parties, school conferences, and then squeezing some time in there for my ACTUAL job as a mortgage planner! **wink**

Have a great week!

Amy Baldwin

Such fun Valentine inspiration! I love the belt buckle! What to do this week? Try to stay away from the snow and make some wonderful new creations! Happy Monday! Looking forward to my February kit, and can't wait for the mixed media kits!!!


Can't wait to see the mixed media kits... and this week I am recovering from having the flu all week last week. Trying to get caught up on my Soul Restoration curriculum, cleaning out my craft room ( clutter is my behemoth) and generally trying to find a way to make more peace in my life. I am also starting an "I believe" campaign, on facebook, and at my blog, for my Dad, who is about to change chemotherapy as the one that he has been on has not done the job. Please, if you get the chance, stop by and take a moment to say "I believe"

Kris Anderson

I cannot WAIT to see what you put together (the beadart, the sneak peek and the mixed media kits). I am certain they are all going to be stunning. I am hoping the mixed media kits will arrive to our homes in time to use them along with your class!?! Have a blessed day.

margie love...

Lisa Hodge

This week is busy for me too. The regular house cleaning thing, taking care of kidos that are out of school because of snow, spending time with the hubs (he drives a truck for Wal Mart so he's only home 2 days a week).the biggest thing for me is designing class layouts for an event here in Arkansas. We have our annual Scrapbook Extravaganza in November in Searcy. The lady that owns The Scrapbook Attic in Searcy puts it on and last year was the 10th anniversary for it. She's decided to take it on the road this year and have one this month. There will be 8 classes for all the gals to take and that is what I'm designing for. I love it!! I wish I could go but can't make it to this one. So, that's what I'm doin... Oh and waiting to see those mixed media kits and sneaks of the She Art Workshop!!!

Nicole Maki

Last week we had two birthdays and an anniversary so regrouping, putting away the balloons and nice linens and getting back to not eating cake everyday is on our agenda.

My husband loves good food so I made him a very special meal on Friday, not something I found per se (save for all the memorabilia from our wedding) but perfect for him nonetheless.

You can see it here:

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