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February 21, 2011


Jean Marmo

I did it! I just signed up for the class and I have to say I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thanks for helping me be creative!


This is such a great example to share with your kids. And what a blessing that came to show them from choosing the right thing! You are awesome, Christy. So excited for the class!

Grandma Shelley

You are truly blessed by a wonderful and understanding family! Can't wait for class to start!

Have a super time at the movies!

Cris C

Christy - I just ADORE you! You are so real and I think you inspire and encourage us more than you think. Can't wait for class to start. xoxo

jenn h

What a great life lesson:) And, can I just add that I LOVE your haircut in the sneak peek video!!!!

Nique G

Thanks so much Christy for the update and the blog about the life lesson. Sometimes we have to give up some fun to take care of our commitments.I was really thrilled to read your update and see that God takes care of those that help others. What a blessing for you and your families hard work. I am really excited for the start of class next week.

Heidi Hines

I can't wait for your class to start!!! This made my day to see the sneak preview!! We went to Norris lake for the weekend and had a scare with our three year old and the other two had fevers of 103. they had the flu. What a weekend!! So, seeing your updated email made my day!!! Imange three puking kids for four hours on the way back to cincinnati. Ugh!!

Erin Ummel

What a wonderful life lesson for your children! They sound like great kids to be on board with the "right" thing to do. :) And I love that by making the right decision, things turned out exactly as they should have! Am SO excited for next week!

Cim Allen

What a great lesson to your children. You sound like such an awesome mom ! I can't wait for the workshop to start !! I'm so glad your store was such a smash.. it's full of such great things !

amy~ the gypsy chick

you are teaching them great life lessons! & then i love the update about driving 2 hrs & turning around... things do work out for a reason!

Kathy Shabowski

Don't you just love "teaching moments"? I have four kids so I know all about them. I am thankful that you all worked so hard for us. I am glad that you all didn't miss out on the fun, and saved yourselves a lot of driving, to boot.


I second what Cristi said - it is my firm belief the everything happens for a reason! Good for your family on making a tough choice like that, and I'm so glad it worked out so well for you! Yay! Have fun tonight!!

Cristi Clothier

Everything happens for a reason! Thanks to you and the kids for all your hard work. Enjoy your night out!

Courtney Walsh


I love how you took the opportunity to teach your kids a really important life lesson. What a great idea--and I'm so glad the launch went well. You have such agreat stuff in there! I can't wait to order more! :)

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