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February 25, 2011


Amy Baldwin

I just found out from a friend that I won this giveaway! How exciting Christy! Thanks so much!

Donna Murdock

Dearest Christy,
I'm in for a chance at the class, pretty please! I love playing around with messy things. Isn't that what motherhood is all about. Decades and decades ago I declared myself the queen of mud pie making. That was before paint brushes and paper were invented. Your canvases are pure genius, sweetie! Donna


I was so excited when I got the mail today and found everything that I ordered from your shop. I am so excited for Monday to come to start your class.


I received the stuff I ordered from your shop today and I was so excited and impressed. It came promptly and exceeded my expectations. I have been doing mixed media art for a few years now and I love, love, love your blog. Your sweet spirit shines through in all your posts. Medeah


The first time I ever wanted a weekend to go by fast so Monday could get here! Can't wait for your class.

martha g.

This is my first time here and looking at your classes and all your art work! Amazing! I would love to learn from you and maybe someday create a meek version of your creations. TFS!


Hi - I found your blog through "blog visiting" around and so I'm glad I found it. I'm looking forward to browsing.

Kim Price

I am so excited about this class, it's been on my mind now for weeks. I just cannot -wait- to get started.


Oh the piece you made and the story behind it is wonderful;! What a sweet gift for such an awesome Mother :-)


Yay, I just watched your video even though I am already signed up and I am super excited. I wish it was Monday just for the lesson!! LOL

BTW you are adorable :)

Cim Allen

Love the canvas Christy! Congrats to Amy, who doesn't love a box of goodies :) Happy Friday !

Erin Ummel

Congratulations to Amy for winning the amazing giveaway! I am now headed over to see the canvas you made without paint! :)

Julie Parmer Hosley

um...LOVE! so much! thank you sweet friend. xoxo


Christy...I am so new to you and your fabulous projects and I just wanted to say I love you already!! I so enjoy what you do. Thank you for being a blessing in my life already!!

=] Toni

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