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February 04, 2011


Mary Ann McNicholas

Congratulations! I love your beads and now am so looking forward to seeing your mixed media art. I am in awe of your bravery.


Christy--love that you open your heart and share your feelings with everyone. It sounds like your LA weekend was amazing and uplifting . . . such a wonderful way to start the new year. I think last October you were probably feeling really lost after your dad passed away. I know I feel that right now after losing my best friend. But the Lord always blesses us in ways we don't see coming. You are in-tune to recognize these blessings and to do with them what He wants you to. You can share your talents and bless your family at the same time--what a wonderful thing.

Tiffany Kraght

hi! i just signed up my sister in law for your class! but, this art work is so amazing. is this piece for sale??? do you have a shop?

thanks! ~tiff

Amy Baldwin

Absolutely beautiful Christy! Love all the texture and patterns!

Becky T

first off this is simply amazing and stunning. Secondly...I am so happy for you and am excited for anything and everything that comes your way


What an uplifting post, so happy you are happy, that's what life is all your creation, so cool!! I also have just one daughter, and two sons, love them all equally, but I know what you mean about a mother/daughter bond, it's amazing...she's so much like me and that's a good thing...I know I have a friend for life. Look forward to seeing more of your art on your blog.

joni possin

I haven't been so excited for a workshop/class in such a long time. When I saw the "little gals/shes" they just spoke to me. Get me a paper bag! I'm going to hyper-ventilate!! Can't wait for the 28th! That will force me to finish up projects in progress meanwhile.

I'm doing the happy dance!

Christine N

Christy, what beautiful piece of art made out of your experiences on CHA. I can't wait to see all the inspiration you collected there. Really, really excited about your mixed media kits. I'm not much of a scrapper but thought about getting a kit but I think I'll be able to use so much more in your mm kits.

I'm very excited about your workshop and see your creation process. Really enjoyed your last tutorial and am planning on making a similar piece.

Kristy T.

I am teary reading your post and seeing your creation. Teary as you gave credit to our Lord who makes all things possible. I am blessed to have found you while blog jumping. I am even more excited to be signed up for your She Art Workshop. I can't wait !! Many blessings Christy... from another Kristy ! lol !!

Jean Marmo

Each canvas is prettier than the last!! I so want to try this. I watched both of the Scarlet Lime Videos and think I may get a small canvas and give it a whirl. Thank you for being so inspiring!!


bless you Christy! I have signed up for your workshop - this kind of class is a dream come true for me - thankyou for believing in yourself and sharing your talent and dreams with us all! I am also doing Soul Restoration - you and Melody are ROCKSTARS!!!!! in my eyes, and i feel very humble and grateful to have stumbled into your lives.
take care, in love and friendship
Andrea in Australia x


love to hear you so excited... your energy is infectious... I think you forget that you are an inspiration to so many of us... that you remind us to look for the good in allthings, and to push aside being overwhelmed and become overjoyed instead! I'm so glad that CHA was such a wonderful experience for you and I look forward to hearing about all of your wonderfulupcoming plans and projects.
be blessed.

Annie-Savor This Moment

BEAUTI-ful! The amazing thing about art is that it can truly be anything that bring's us joy. I'm excited to learn from you! I just watched the video of your mixed media canvas tutorial, and I've got a canvas on my shelf I'm just itching to dive into. Thanks for the inspiration, and I hope your dreams come true!

Toni K

So happy for you! I feel blessed to have found you!
Beautiful blessed girl too!


I love it that you sound so happy. You have found your creative self again and that is awesome. This makes me more excited to be taking your She Art class and I can't wait to see the kits you will be offering. Shelly

Sharon Osborn

I agree Christy. It is your time, and I am blessed to have you as a mentor in my new love of mixed media. I simply cannot wait for your class :)


This is gorgeous! I'm loving your art and can't wait for She Art class to start!


She is beautiful,just like her creator!


Hi Christy!

I am so happy that you are offering a new way to use scrapbook supplies! I too no longer scrapbook, but still want to do something creative with all the cool papers that are on the market. Congratulations on whatever is coming your way. Looking forward to the She Art Workshop.

Erin Ummel

What an inspiring post! I LOVE your latest creation and feel so fortunate that I will be taking your class later this month! You deserve all of this success--enjoy it, Christy!

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