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February 18, 2011



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Arielle Laffoon

First of all, you do amazing work and I plan to follow you for a long time! I was wondering what that spray ink stuff is called? I looked for it at Michaels and they dident know what I was trying to describe. Its the spray ink and you use it for stencils and stuff.. I would love to get some! Thank you.

Beatriz Farquhar

You are amazing!!!!!!! I love your classes but most of all I love how you share your gift with others, You are on my blog tomorrow!!!!! Thank you for all your do!


The she art class is so awesome!! I really Love this class! It is so much fun and I am learning so much!

Rose Marie Dowling

I get so inspired looking at all of the clever and unique pieces of arte you showcase here on your pages. I have started working on my glittered Easter treasures this weekend. Happy Spring ahead and keep on inspiring all of us!!


Just signed up...soooo excited!

The Dreaming Bear

Howdy from Iowa! Found you through Where Women Create! Loved your article...and love your blog! Will be back again soon! Cheers!


Well, first of all, I have to admit that I just discovered your blog last week and just checked out your post at WWC! I am amazed at your creations! You are so blessed! I just signed up for your workshop and I can't wait until it starts! Thank you so much for sharing this with us..... :-)

joni possin

It was fun getting to know more about you at 'Where Women Create'. I pick that magazine up when I can find it.

Love your new piece of art inspired by your linens... Feels like Spring!! Much needed as we have another day of schools closed in Wisconsin due to tons of new snow!


I love your work and this class is going to be fabulous! Thank you for offering an on-line class, it's the perfect opportunity for the working woman!

sherry goodloe

I am very excited about the workshop and can hardly wait to get started. I've been gathering my supplies and am ready to go! :) xo

Eniko DeLisle

Found you on the Where Women Create blog...your class sounds like a lot of fun! Your video intro is great & I'm crossing my fingers that I win a spot in your online class!


PS--liking the darker hair color! Looks good on ya.


I've been watching your career for yrs and couldn't be happier for you and how far you've gone. I want to be just like you when I grow up! lol, enjoyed the video, music is soothing. I sure could use a little "She Art" inspiration right now. Thx for doing class. Best Wishes.

Nerissa Alford

I can't wait! I am so jazzed to take this class. I found you via Rhonna & I can't believe I didn't find you earlier. So so excited!!

dustypenny (aka Joy)

I signed up as soon as I heard about the class. Can't wait for it to start. Hope I can make something half as good as your canvases. So lovely in every way. Hugs.

Leah Crowe

Woohoo congrats on being featured over @ WWC, I loved learning more about you. I am so super D duper excited about the workshop starting soon, I can't wait!! Loved your sneak peek, and your bro's music is really cool.

Phyllis Singler

What exciting careers you have had! You are So talented and creative.


Hi. Love your work. I tried to put a comment on the Where Women Create blog but there is something wrong with the site and it won't let me make a comment. Also your scarlet lime link doesn't work from there either. It says scarletilme instead of scarletlime.


I CAN'T wait for this!

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