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February 17, 2011


This is what fitness looks like at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a center in Vermont for women determined to end their weight struggles. As the class breaks up, applause erupts and Troy grabs a towel. Her face is bright red and her extralarge purple Tshirt is blotched with sweat, but she's beaming.

Dawn B

Fun finds Christy. So I'll be in Idaho Falls in a couple of weeks for a quick weekend trip. Where do you recommend I go? I was so bummed that Roberts closed. But now that I'm getting into collaging I'd like to get old music sheets and some fun old finds.
Chat soon and thank you for sharing.

T. Turner

I've got to say I've really been inspired as an artist and woman by your work and the business you've created. Thank you! I look forward to your workshop!


Huge, huge congrats to you! Very exciting!!!


So happy that the shop is open and already doing AMAZING!!! Way to go. Love your finds...good eye.

Erin Ummel

I would have lost my mind over the sewing drawer WITH the vintage books...oh my goodness!


I just snooped around your new shop--luv it!!! can't wait until payday. I must say that your prices are great!!! I usually fall in luv with kits and goodies and then see the price tags are over $25 most of yours are under $15 thank you for thinking of us "poor" people :)
p.s. luv the "thrifty finds" posts you do every week

alicia king

oops! hit enter too soon!

can't wait to see your outfit after you change it into a tunic! i can see how cute it is already!

alicia king

i look forward to your thrifty finds every week!

lori jolley

Sigh - I'm in love with every single one of these! They're so pretty!!!! Wear the skirt! I definitely would!

Cim Allen

Can't wait to see the video, I signed up yesterday .. I'm excited for it to start. Excellent finds at the thrift shops ! Congrats on the successful store opening !

Kristy T.

Oh how fun Christy !! Will be back tomorrow..Hugs.. Kristy

Ann Marie

Girl, I don't know where you shop but I NEVER find bargains like this at the thrift stores here --- good job for you!

Kim Rose

Cool finds! Did you stop at the place on Yellowstone? We were just there two weeks ago. Great place!

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