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March 09, 2011


Nicole Vickers

Everyone loves a good old fashion road trip across the states. Just like the classic song of Tracy Chapman, you'll just need a fast car to get away from it all. You don't even need a fast car, any car will do as long as it wont break down.

Sarah Lejeune

You are just the person I would wish for, for a next door neighbor. Oh the "at the fence" chats! You are such an inspiring presence. Your number 9 is Exactly how I feel about my faith. And The minute I know I don't have to leave the house for the day, I hop into my comfy old navy pj bottoms and a comfy tee. I don't get staying in clothes if you are "home". I took your She Art workshop and so miss it already. I looked forward to it everyday. I finally enjoy creating when I'm alone. I used to need the companionship of others while I crafted. Your class made me realize it's about the joy art brings me. I am now not waiting to have friends over to do it. Thank you! Your class also made me feel for the first time comfortable with doing it strictly because I LOVE it. It's like back in KDG. and you think soley of it while you are doing it. No bills, housework, deadlines, appts. ph. calls, ect. That is why I love it. And I too find movies at the theatre the best. Totally takes me away! I love my life but sometimes taking a break from it is needed. Again thanks for sharing who you are and taking away the image of "your life must be perfect". It is what it is. Just Love IT! Sarah Lejeune

Pam Miller

wow I can't believe how similar we are! All except that I am not ok with the extra lbs I have and haven't traveled as much as I'd like...but the rest. OMG! No wonder my sis loves you-she loves me too. lol

JoAnn K Delery

i totally loved your post. i also put my faith in Jesus Christ out there, cause God wants everyone to know Him! i am a pj mama also, my youngest is just about 19 then there is my 26 year old son, and his brother is 37. they are both married and i have 3 adorable (is that ok for boys, adorable(?))grandsons from my oldest and his beautiful wife. #2 son just celebrate his 1 year anniversary with his bride (i think i will always call her his bride--just because she is so beautiful, etc., etc,)! i know i am not typing their names (if they ever saw this they would take my stuff away from me) because they aren't crazy about me always braggin' on them. can't help it, i love my kids! sorry, back on point, i would love to take the april class but i will just have to wait until maybe you do it again. it's finances, that's all. i watch your first 2 tutorials over and over and i actually know where my canvas' are. ok, aloha for now. love your art, and your heart!!


Oh Christy I love reading this and can relate to SO MANY of your 'ten things' I even got a little misty reading #10 - I only know of you what I have read and what I see during the She Art Class but oh boy do I think you are something special. I want to be you friend! :D *hugs*


You make me smile....I needed to read this today!

Karen James

Hope you have a lot of girls in your family. What a great role model you are. Thanks for sharing.


I loved reading your list and about fell off my chair when you said your boys were Preston and Noah because how weird is it that my two boys are also Preston and Noah? My Preston is 7 and Noah is 5.
Oh, and the She Art Workshop is amazing and I really want EVERYTHING in your shop.


Love it girlfriend...I am just like you in all ways!


OMG I love you.. not in a weird way I am no stalker.. lol lol.. Reading the Wed blog made me almost cry and laugh and all those emotions rolled up in one.. Your awesome and so real. Good for you thats why you rock and are so successful. God loves real people and so do I.
Blessings, Gweny

laura huffman

cool to find these things out about you before i signed up for your she art class. i an over the top excited. butterflies in my stomach excited. can't wait to play and learn something new. this is just what i've been looking for. did i say how excited i am. big smile on my face and in my heart.

Heidi Hines

You crack me up girlie!!! ;) Me too I'm tired of doing laundry!!! I just don't like to do it period!! I believe in god too and ghost!! Ya, I know. My dad open up my eyes and know I know that you can do anything ytou want in life just go for it!!! He got hit last year with colon cancer and its been rough. I take life to the fulliest!! I hoping to have good news on the 21st of March. We are heading up to Cleveland Clinic to have my heart check again!! Thanks for this GREAT experience in taking your class!!! ;)

Tasha G.

so nice to get to know even more about you...you have an awesome since of humor! :)

Holly Takatsuka

Its so wonderful to know more about you. Love how simple and open and honest you are. Very inspiring indeed!


Christy, I have to say, your #10 really hit home with me...I struggle daily to accept the person I am, I am also curvy, 5' 8", 180 pounds a size 12. My hair is also thinning due to thyroid meds that I take, some days I am frustrated by all this, and some days I can look in the mirror and say "life is short, stop killing yourself trying to change." Your post has made me realize it's time to just accept me for who I am, I am happiest when I am eating a normal meal, not some packaged meal that is gone in two bites. Thanks Christy for this wonderful post, and by the way, we don't fold laundry either, why fold when you are just going to put in all on again the next day! :)

Martha F

Christy you make me smile everytime I read your blog. Thanks for making my day =)


I <3 you just the way you are, girl! You are a most amazing, inspring person! :)

Lorraine Lewis

so fun to come here and learn these things about you.
your blog is lovely- so full of beautiful color and inspiration!

Ki Kruk

Loved your list Christy! It was a great read, not too long at all!! Bless you!

Sara Deppe

oh Christy! I love you and miss you.

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