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March 07, 2011


flash game index

Thanks for sharing. Just went to the flicker gallery for She Art. WOW they have all done an amazing job.

coachusa outlet

I will recommend my friends to read this. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else


Unbelievable! This is absolutely amazing! I love your carefree style and the results are stunning. I cannot wait to try this myself!


Wow, thank you...this is so great to watch!!


amei o quadro !
gosto muito do mixed media .
Vc tem um blog lindissimo
Obriagda por partilhar sua arte.


Love this new addition--please keep them coming! What a cute, adorable piece of art!


thank you so much for posting this! I learned a tremendous amount in those 10 minutes! Especially that it is fine to make a mistake!! I loved how you changed it over and over. I get stuck in fear and tend not to move ahead because I am so afraid to wreck it. I am signing up for your class, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan Shore

Loved seeing you cover stuff etc...sort of gives me permission to do the same and expect it still to be beautiful! Thanks!

joni possin

The video was GREAT!! I just settled back in my comfy chair with a cuppa Chai tea... and got totally relaxed watching your creative "process". The product is adorable!!

Thanks, Christy!!

Loving your workshop!! Sad to see only one week left.
~joni possin


That's great Christy! What was the red pen you used to outline the fence? Thanks for the inspiration today!


What fun to watch your process! That is amazing. You seriously rock :)


J'adore ce que vous faites! Timidement, j'ai fait une petite tentative; Je suis loin d'avoir votre matériel, et encore moins votre doigté, mais je réessaierai; je me suis bien amusée et le résultat me plait, c'est l'essentiel! Merci pour ce partage!

stephanie b. crack me up!!!! I just finished reading your "ten things about me" and watched your are an amazing artist and person! I'm taking your class right now..haven't made anything yet...time and fear (saw work from some of the classmates and it is amazing). But...I noticed on your video you changed things too when you weren't happy with them. Hopefully tomorrow I can start a canvas. Thank you for your inspiration.

christy tomlinson

love all of you girls! thank you for the sweet comments! and Jenn! on the pen! it is my favorite pen ever.. the permalball pilot pen! LOVE IT! it being discontinued.. but we do have them in our Scarlet Lime store!
And the pink roller stamp is from Glitz it's also not around anymore and the alphabet stamp is from clearsnap! We carry those items in our store! :)

Ki Kruk

WOW Christy, that was amazing!


Hi, I just found your site and love it, thanks for sharing this. I put your site on my blog, if this is not ok let me know. I so wanted to take your She ART (need new puter) hope you can offer it again this fall. Thanks again for sharing your great art!
Donna AKA grammynmaggie


These are just soooo beautiful!

Jean Marmo

Yeah - another video into how you create!! This is so tough for me. I am the math and science girl - straight lines, symmetry, etc. I just love your work and am happy with the two girls I have created so far. This is such a learning experience for me! I want to thank you for leaving a comment on the flicker gallery! That means the world to me.


Wow.... How great are you.... And you can feel the joy in the piece. I shared the video with my daughter and we are both inspired . Thank you so much for sharing your magic!!!

Dawn B

I loved watching this Christy. Thanks for sharing.

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