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March 18, 2011



wow...he really does look like your Dad....amazing....


Happy birthday to your sweet boy! He reminds me a lot of the baby of our family (who's 4 now). :) The pictures of him and your dad are amazing. I couldn't even tell the difference!


What a sweet post about your adorable Noah! I still cry on the 1st day of school for Jake! Something about the new year, another year older... them leaving me... makes me a wreck!

I love the photo of the two of you... mama loving her baby... life doesn't get better than that!

Toni K

He sounds like a great kid! And you are a very lucky mom! Happy birthday Noah!

Lee Ann

What a special boy Noah sounds like! And oh my goodness, he sure is the spittin image of your dad.

Lee Ann


Oyeah, cute boy! All the best Noah!
Just wanted to let you know that I posted a piece inspired by your behind the scenes video
Have a wonderfull sunday - Irma

laura huffman

he is soooo cute. happy birthday Noah. hope your day was great.

Nique G

happy Birthday Little "Nova" Noah. I love that story Christy it was so sweet!!! I especially love the part when he told you to get over crying for him because he would be back @ 11. So adorable.


He's a cutie - Happy Birthday Noah!


That pic of you and Noah is beautiful!


gosh he's cute! Amazingly close to your dad too...great pics!


Oh, sweetie! You have me crying like a baby!! My little Jake is our last too, and he will be 2 next month and is growing up so fast. That first day of school will have me weeping, I know it!! Your little Noah is so cute!! What a doll! And so sweet! Those Scribblers are pretty good!! I hope he is having a FANTASTIC birthday, and that you are doing okay too!! ((hugs))

Sherry Coggins

What a precious little guy!
I looooove how much he looks like your dad...God certainly wanted you to have your daddy with you forever and so he gave you this amazing little boy who looks like your daddy and can remind you daily of the blessings that are yours!
God is SO good!!!
I have enjoyed the SheArt class Christy!! You are an amazing teacher, so fun and inspirational!!

Sher Mattison

Happy Birthday to Noah..and blessings to you, dear Christie. I have a friend that always gives his mom a rose on his birthday because he says its her day too...
Thank you for sharing something so important to you with us...

Janet Ghio

What a cutie he is!!

Toni Maddox

So funny reading your description of Noah. I, too, have a Noah (who is now 12) but you could be describing my son! He has exactly the same traits! So funny, so sweet, so thoughtful, so full of love. Their name means comfort and my Noah told me once that all these qualities are what he uses to comfort people! So sweet and I assure you it only gets sweeter!! Happy Birthday to your precious Noah!! =] Hugs, Toni


Beautiful post. Happy Birthday Noah, you shine like a Supernova!!!

Annette A.

WOW Noah looks a lot like your dad...amazing....Well Happy Birthday to little Noah....

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