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March 03, 2011


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kate blue

been there done that...but I always agree that sometimes our young children fall off the nice wagon too easily & aren't made to think about who they daughter is certainly trying it -testing the waters...she was sent to bed at 7:20pm one night last week (along with the boy child too cause they couldn't/wouldn't think about their words and actions) and my friends thought they were gonna have to send in the rescue team! All was fine the next day but sometimes it DOES boil down to fatigue and just plain old overload. We are all human :)

Bambi Pro

I loved that you shared this story. I think it is good that we all hear we are not alone. I also have had that sick feeling and diarrhea (bathroom kind). Thank you so much for sharing. I think I will now start climbing back on the nice wagon. Thank you!


First of all, the class is awesome and it is so obvious you put a ton of work into it so thank you for that and I can understand how that would make you stressed (as well as your very cool store that I have spent too much money in). You seem like a very sincere nice person in the snippets we see here and on the videos. It takes a strong, good person to find fault with themselves and act to correct it. How many times to we all do thinks like that and fail to immediately correct it. I am proud of you (and your daughter) and will work to do a better job of this myself.

Theresa Kiihn

Thank you for sharing that story. I hope sharing it helped you. I also hope the person on the other end of the email battle sees this or somehow decides to give you a note of grace. I'm pretty sure we've all been there - I know I have!


This is the problem with all this instant texting and getting emails. You don't take a moment to breath and THINK before you DO. These phones with all the instant, I think are truly ruining society.


Wow! I needed to read that. I think we have all been there, Christy. You are human my dear. We are all human. You're right that we shouldn't ever treat people like that, but the fact that you recognized it and learned from it and asked God and the person for forgiveness is the right thing to do. God has forgiven you and the other person might too. I have told so many people about your blog and how I can tell from just reading your posts what a sweet spirit you have. Kids do the craziest things sometimes and so do adults, but I think it's good for kids to see that their parents aren't perfect and make mistakes and then to see how their parents handle their mistakes. You're daughter made a mistake, but then did the right thing and so did you. You're a good Mom and a blessing to others. Hugs.

Carol Miller

I think anyone with a teenager, knows the diarhhea of the thumbs. I love how you coined that phrase. In this age it is very easy to txt things in the heat of the moment and then have regrets of our actions. i have been there too. And like you feel terrible and apologize. i have learned when these things happen via txt. I turn my pnone off until i can be clear thinking again. Would rather let my light shine,,even when it's difficult. thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing this, Christy.


thank you for sharing. it's a learning experience not only to you but to us, and we can just be thankful that no matter how not perfect we are, there is a God who is always forgiving us and puts us back in the nice wagon.

Holly Takatsuka

Christy, you are not alone. It happens to all of us and I appreciate your words so much to let us know that WE too are not alone. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insight.

Nancy Wyatt

Thank you for having the courage to share this with us! I have been there done that and felt sicker than sick about it. We are all human and sometimes we fall off the wagon. Glad you are feeling better, you seem like an amazing person and so lesson learned and move on with your creative, sweet self! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Becky H

What a good post. My youngest (10) and my oldest now living at home (21) have once a month NOT NICE DAYS. I just get into it with them and we go back and forth and then I have to stop and say to myself that I am the parent and they should not talk to me that way, but we all have those days. I now just give both my daughters and myself those few days to just BE. We all enjoy each other much better.

We all are forgiven, because each of us is doing this for the first time no matter how may children or friends you have, everyone is different.


Cherie Wilson

I imagine some days God esteems the AUTHENTIC girls every bit as much as the "nice ones", sweet Christy! Thankyou for your honest heart. touches many:)
Sending Love! Your class is divine!! XO

Erin Ummel

Thank you so much for being brave enough to post this! Sending loving thoughts to you! I have fallen off the nice wagon many a time myself...thankfully, God forgives us every time!


You know that being transparent and letting the icky stuff GO is what it takes to kick the trash to the curb!!! What you are right now is fresh and pure! Just fill that space up with the good stuff. Thanks for being so open, it does help everyone remember that bad days come along and we can react to them in several ways. Most importantly we can remember that our last words don't have to be our final word on the subject. Hope that you're going to have a fabulous week!!!!!!!!!! And lots more on down the road!!

Marilyn Johnson

Christy, YOU are such a good person and a wonderful example for all of us. I fell off the nice wagon just in the past few hours but you post has helped me rethink my behavior and hop back on!

Toni K

Oh Christy. I'm so glad you forgave yourself. I too have had diarrhea of the mouth, fingers, and thumbs. It makes you feel so awful. I think everyone can relate. The important thing is you apologized and have forgiven yourself. Sometimes that's the hardest person to forgive :) And it sounds like you are doing a great job with your children. Seeing their mom aplogize and admit to being wrong sometimes helps. Thank you for sharing.

Susan G

Oh Christy, Remember that it takes courage to do the right apologize and forgive, not just others, but yourself as well.
I, like you, try very hard to be nice to everyone. That makes it hard though when you need to stand up for yourself. People don't understand why you have "changed" and the relationship becomes strained. You did the best that you could in both of those situations, given what was going on in your life at the time.
Know in your heart that this was just a temporary set back and that you are human and God forgives that humaness.
Be comforted in knowing that you are back on the right path.
And remember that you are an awesome Mom.
Sending prayers your way that the stress subsides and peace reigns.

Cim Allen

My poor husband seems to take the brunt of my "not nice" times .. it's not so much words I say, but just my fly off the handle quick flashes of anger. I love the expression " fall off the nice wagon" :) We're all good people, for the most part we all just need to be alittle more understanding and forgiving. Happy Friday

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