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March 21, 2011



This is a lovely selection. I love this time of year when the buds start to come out in anticipation. Must take a look at your course, have been hearing some great things. Have a blessed week!

laura huffman

oooh, can't wait to find out about your new class. happy Monday.

jamila jones

Oh yeah baby.....u can count on me to take that!!!! ur classes rock!


Oh boy! I can't wait to hear about the 3 hearts class!

Kristy T.

Fun post Christy !!! i Can't wait for the journal class ! You know I'll be there!! Hugs and sending you some 82 degree sunny days from Kansas !!! xoxoxoxox

Debby Ebeling

I can't wait 'til April to start She Art with you...(in fact, had to go ahead and play with some she girls already)...and now an ar journal class to look forward to, also! I recently retired from my school counseling career and missed it lots. Now that I have found you, Brave Girls and Donna Downey as inspiration I am letting so much art into my's bursting! Thank you!


love all of this...can't wait for the May class!


love the little carnival girl.its giving me ideas for a she art girl. love this mood board. BTW Christy I cant copy all of your blog buttons?Is it your page or my PC ..>AGAIN!!!!?


Got my 7 G's tissue paper in the mail today. Thank you!! Love your cheery mood board! the bright cheery colors make me sooo happy!

logan wilhelm

Can't wait to hear about the new journaling class starting in May!!! So missed having you to look forward to this morning with SheArt, but reviewing the videos and working to finish up the last projects in week 3. You are so talented and loved your class so much!!!!!!!! XXXOOO


hey, miss happy pants!!! thanks for spreading your sunshine. :D it's totally contagious!! love you!

Courtney Walsh

Love it, Christy! :) Just love it!

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