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March 01, 2011



I missed this post somehow... :(


Love Love Love your giveaways.

Julie Parmer Hosley

Awwww...what a surprise! Thanks sweet girl! It's been a really good day! Counting the days now! Miss you! <3 u!

Erin Ummel

I am so loving the She Artclass! It is amazing, Christy!! If anyone out there is on the fence about taking the class, pls go for it--you will love it!

christy tomlinson

Sher! sorry on the out of stock.. we keep resetock and then they are gone.. this time I ordered TONS more.. so we should have them in by the end of this week! wahoo! and you will have 3 month to view the videos! Hugs!

Sher Mattison

So disappointed your shop is out of almost everything needed for the class! Will you be getting more 6x12 canvases, etc?? soon???

and maybe you already said..but how long after the class will we be able to access the class videos?

Angie BLom

Oh what fun. I am having a great time with my canvas. I can't wait to do some more tomorrow when the little one is in school. Great give away!! hugs.

Ann Marie

I just can't even process what it would be like to win that giveaway!


I am LOVING it so far...have prepped six canvases of various sizes (having trouble getting 6"x12" in the UK) this afternoon and can't wait to start on my girls!!!!

Having SO much fun Christy...thank you so much...

Hugs and other stuff

Kirsti xxx


I signed up for Part 2 of SR last night!! So loved the first class and would LOVE to win this amazing package!!

Also, Christy...I want to take She Art sometime. I am actually doing an Art Challenge on my blog for the Month of March so I knew I wouldn't have time to do this class. I hope you offer it again!!:)


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