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March 28, 2011



Christy - how do you creat your moodboards? I would love to do that same thing, but I don't know what program to use.


I love it! Yellow has always been my favorite color! My baby blanket was yellow (maybe that's why), but when I was twelve I got to help re-decorate my room--yellow carpet! My own daughter's room is painted yellow, but it's not her favorite. She's a "light blue" girl. :) Thanks for sharing!


It looks really nice that yellow set and I am sure that my daughter would also be absolutely chuffed with having one like this. I had to laugh hahaaaa, I must have the "twin", 12 going on to 17, has very clear ideas of what her clothes and room should look like (but we are renting and cannot change too much, so that is kept into control), very persistent when she would like something, very good at saving money towards a goal and finally she talks all the time and why tell a story in 5 minutes if you can make it full of details and make it last hummmm 10x as much !!!!! :)



Those pics make me love yellow too!

Your daughter reminds me exactly of my youngest Anna... she didn't talk until she was two, and she hadn't stopped since! I always told her she needs to go to law school so she can talk all she wants... guess what? That's what she's working you never know... your little doll may make it all work for her too! hee hee

Loving all the goodness coming to you, you so deserve it!


kate blue

I think greys are always underused...they bring a touch of elegance to a space....great colour combo!

Cathy K.

Our bedroom is a buttery yellow and it makes me incredibly happy to wake up to all that sunshine every morning! Your daughter's quilt is just lovely and even more so because it was on sale.


hello, I'm interested in taking your online class however I am in the UK ... will I be able to find the supplies that you use here in the UK?

heather fuentes

holy moly! i posted a comment on the pink paislee giveaway before i saw this blog post and now my comment sounds SO funny. i have one daughter and she's ten and i adore her. my kiddo is bonkers about blue instead of yellow, but i totally get it. i LOVE that yellow + gray. LOVE IT.


That's a very pretty quilt, I can see why she loves it so much!! I have an 11 year old daughter too, she's my only girl, and I have two boys, 14 and 3. Analise talks a lot too, but I guess that's better than them not telling us anything...which is what might happen at

Erin Ummel

Allie's room looks amazing! Just perfect for a sweet girl of 11 going on 17! I love that you made your daughter save up for the quilt--you are teaching her some great values. I know I have been guilty of overindulging my kids, but actually put my foot down early this year and made my son save up for his xbox. :) REALLY excited to see the new art you have been working on--and hoping that the announcement you have to make is regarding Spark 3???

Cim Allen

I love the quilt, I wouldn't of thought of putting gray and yellow together, but it looks really good. Sounds like your raising very responsible kids, that is rare in todays society sadly. Can't wait to see new art !!!


I hated yellow all my live, but since a few months I am starting to LOVE this colour. I do not know why, but it is like it is!

Terry Simons

The new bedroom set is gorgeous. Have you ever stopped her in the middle of a story and asked her what she was just talking about? Our son, (who is ADD still at age 28), never could tell us what he was babbling about! :)

Angela Gutshall

I Love Yellow!! I will have to go and see if I can find that quilt; that is beautiful!!!


WOW, WOW, WOW...I don't even like yellow but I like that quilt - so adorable! And the bed is gorgeous too. What a talented family. Allie sounds like a very responsible young lucky you are to have such a thoughtful daughter!


WHAT a gorgeous look! and it sure sounds like you are raising a most BEAUTIFUL responsible, outstanding daughter...KUDOS!!!


Thanks for the chance to win! Love Allie's quilt It looks so beautiful. I am not a big yellow person but I want one it is so cute and love the pillows!!!

Stephanie Finn

I remember seeing your daughter's yellow nail polish on one of your blog posts. So cute. You are obviously such a blessing to have friends come out of the woodwork and offer a free ticket to your class. Thanks for all you do.


It's beautiful. I'm a pink girl, but I'm really starting to take a shining to yellow after your class.... and my girl with the bright yellow background. I think she should paint her room gray, that gray in the quilt only a few tones lighter would make the yellows pop!!!!! :) Just sayin'.

Kristy T.

How cute is that !! You are a good Momma ! All I can say is...being on the other side of raising children... enjoy it now. Let them talk with you til your ears fall off... or you find the duct tape !! LOL !! Just kidding !!

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