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March 23, 2011



i just tried to pay for the class at $35 (as listed above) but its showing $44.95


Can't wait to get started on She Has Three Hearts. I was hooked after the She Art workshop! You Rawk!


Can you take the class even though it's already June? I just found your blog.

Heather W.

Hi, Christy! I'd really LOVE to take this class; my only hesitation is that I will be out of the states (& w/out the majority of my art supplies) when class starts. I'll be returning at the end of that week; & wonder if that is too late to start & catch up w/ everyone? Thank you so much! ~H♥~

nadine johnson

Counting the day's till the next workshop !In the mean time I am making She Art Girls for all the little girls in the family .I'm there favorite Auntie !

Becky H

Oh I am so excited. I am working away making my She Girls and just signed up for this class. Thank you so much for both of these classes they have sparked my creativity again.


I am signing up for this for sure! Cannot wait!

Julie Parmer Hosley

Can not wait! LOVED She Art! xoxo


you are an enabler do you know that!
so super excited to do another workshop with you WOOOOHOOO!

joni possin

I just signed up to join you again and am really EXCITED!! Would it be possible to get a 'badge' for our blogs??
joni possin

Tracy Dunn

Totally stoked to take this course.
I really needed this boost of happiness that your courses bring me...I lost both of grandparents this week and my heart is broken.
Maybe this 3 heart course can help me piece mine back together
I was thrilled with the SheArt one so know I'll love this next one too

Ramee @ Rae-Berry Beads and More

Thank you for making these affordable!! I love what you do and appreciate you sharing your gifts with me!!

Kristy T.

Wooohooo !!! I'm all signed up !!! Is it May yet? Oh wait... I still have SR1 to go through!! Good timing Christy !! lol !! Hugs and excitement!!


Love the badge idea Sher! I just signed up too and cannot wait. I still have to do She Art, had family in town during the class, but you rock Christy for letting us be able to have access for 3 months!! That is so helpful! Cannot wait for this 3 heart class also. And also thank you for keeping the class fee so affordable!! You Rock Christy!!

Sher Mattison

I am definitely signing up for it. will you be creating a badge for it to put on our blogs?


Sounds amazing!! I think I'm gonna take SheArt first though...I am doing SR 2 in jUne PLUS I am our Young Women's Camp Director...which is during that same week of SR sooooo I better wait! Hope you offer it again!!!:)


Sharon Osborn

Yipee! It's here, it's here! My husband teases me that I am more of an 'art supply collector' than I am an artist-but I am truly waiting for Spring Break to release my 'inner craft goddess' :) Of course I signed up for this class and while I'm waiting for it to start up, you can be assured that I will be out shopping for "heart" supplies :) Love you!


I am signed up!!! I LOVED She Art and can't wait for more!!!! Yay! Thanks Christy, your classes are adding to my art skills and making me take time to create!! <3

Kris Pare

Hi Christy, I've been trying to get signed up for the She Art workshop first but the 'buy' button is not working. Thanks!

Jamila Jones (jajones_3d) you know I had to sign up because the she art workshop kicked butt!!!!! Now the hardest thing is going to be waiting for the class to start.......but it's worth it!

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