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March 15, 2011


Debbie Corbari

Wow Christy...this post is AmAzInG because I kinda feel the exact.same.way! **LOVE**!!!!!

Amy Walker

Christy..>I am so thankful that you wrote this. There have been many, MANY times where I have sat here wondering WHAT on earth did I do wrong to lose certain friends?? I actually had a friend FLAT out say to me..."Our friendship just doesn't have as much importance as it did in college." She was my best friend I'm still reeling from the hurt. It just seems that ever since I moved 3,000 miles away, she hasn't really wanted to try very hard to stay in touch. Even this past year for Christmas, it's like she didn't even want to send me a card.....she sent me this harsh text demanding my address. I wasn't sure how to respond, so I didn't right away. Anyway, long story short, I did get the Christmas photo card, but it hurt because I felt like she really didn't want to send it to me in the first place. I finally decided to just "let her go" and I deleted her from FB. It was hard, but since then I have not yet heard from her. I still can't believe I did that, but I felt like I needed to do it to move on with my life. She just had me wondering constantly, what I did to deserve such a harsh statement, and made me feel so horrible about myself. However, since I have done that, I've tried to focus on the friends who do make a difference and do make me smile. I figured I didn't need to focus on a person who made me feel so badly. You know? Anyway,
Thank you for your inspiring words!! I might just have to print it out as a daily reminder to focus on those who truly matter.
By the way, I absolutely loved your workshop!!! Thanks for the chuckles!!! (((Hugs))) You're an amazing person and artist!!

Jean Marmo

Love this post and the wonderful photos of you!
I agree with what you have said and others have written. HAve a wonderful weekend!

Neusinha Fusco

Dear friend
My sympathies, comes through an award. I show the Japanese people of my concern ... for now is my little drop of water in a small bird's beak incedio in the forest, but is the part that fits me. See on my blog, put in your if you wish.


I so get this. and I thought it was just me that felt this way. Thanks so much for this, my heart opened a bit more.

joni possin

You and your sisters really, really look alike! Your daughter does, too!! What fun!!

Becky H

Christy, Oh how I relate to this post. I have had friends that have come and gone, met new friends and then the ebb and flow starts again. Right now in my life I don't have a friend that I get together with on a frequent basis. My TRUE best friend is my husband of 23 years and I enjoy that he will always be there for me. I have been deeply hurt by 'a best friend' and right now in my life I like being me and staying home. My husband is the same and some days we just want to be in our house together and I think that is amazing. To feel comfortable in the skin you are in at that time in your life is something to cherish. Not many people ever get that feeling. I am enjoying being me! I am also enjoying your workshop and can't wait for the next one. Thanks for the post and keep on doing what you are doing because it is awesome.


you have not only your "trues" and your friends, but a plethora of us out here who think you are amazing-- Who are what we are today BECAUSE we "met" you, whether online or IRL. Your workshop, right on the heels of Soul Restoration 1 was such a great tandem experience, and really allowed us to see two amazing women really give to others. Thank you, as always, for being you and being brave enough to share her with the world. The world needs you, an your art.


Loved your post...your very lucky! Great pics of you too, your so cute! A comp in a gf way not a weird way..kwim? LOL

Claudia Small

Christy, I'm exactly like you - I've been wondering lately if I stay home too much and work on my projects when I should be out there 'having lunch' with friends, etc. I'm older than you, and believe me, I've done all that in the past. This is a time in my life I'm loving because I get to do what I want to do. So freeing and so much fun. This class has been the best I've ever taken online. I've loved it so much! You are a thoughtful and very kind person, and I've learned so much from you. Not only artsy things, but living things, too. Thank you so much, Christy!

Dorothy F

Thank you, Christy. You have just written my life's story. As you get older, you appreciate the "trues" more and more.

Jane Hakes

Christy, I love the thoughts in this post. The older we get, the more meaning this has. You are richly blessed to have family and such good friends around you.

Kristy T.

You got it Christy !! I like the quote that ties right into this..."People come into our lives for a reason or a season" At almost 54... I have seen many seasons and know why each person came into my life. I am blessed by your words. IT is so very true. Our TRUES just get us !! I know you came into my life for a reason. You gave me wings Christy. You and your art have lifted me out of my grief and set me flying !!! xoxoxoxox...Kristy

Lori Smith

I appreciate you sharing this. I have often thought that I was abnormal because I was content raising my Family & not making a humongous effort on the Friend front. I think you are Amazing & you Inspire me in so many ways. I Love that You & Ben have such a wonderful Friendship & can work together & be together 24/7...that is a very Rare gem. I don't think Friendships should take a lot of work. I know they need Love & nurturing...BUT if they don't come easy with little or No Drama than really is that what we need to Focus our precious spare time & energy on!?! You always manage to give me a super clear new perspective on exactly what I need. Thank You For always staying True to yourself!!! I Sure love You Gorgeous Girlie!

Erika Davison

I am glad I am not the only person that feels the way you do. I use to like bring out with my friends and always on the go, but now I'd be cool not to the leave the house. My husband doesn't understand the friendship I have with three very special girls. One girls we text more than we call and do gr together at least once a month, the other girl I see at Inspired in May and if were lucky once in the summer, but when we get together it's as we saw each other the day before. My last and dear friend I have never met in person. We send really long winded emails and keep in touch on FB and we met on Etsy. I have that true special bond with these three beautiful women.


Thank you for being so open and sharing. It gave me a gentle reminder of my trues, who have all passed over. I call them Soulfriends.

Julie Parmer Hosley

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of you and Allie!!



i am blessed enough to have some "true's"....and am forever grateful.

this post spoke straight to my heart.

i do believe my truest of true's are my husband and children and of course my relationship with God.

sending you love

Julie Parmer Hosley

Love you sweet, sweet friend. You make my heart so happy. Truly.


can i just say i absolutely *adore* you and what you stand for dear girl!! you and jeanne are the most inspiring girls i {know}...SO hoping one day to meet up with you and tell you in person what your workshop has meant to me!!


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