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March 29, 2011



CANNOT wait! have wanted to attend for a couple years now and i'm definitely going this year! eeee!! you, my dear girl are *amazing* in every way...SO excited to see what good things are coming your way!!

prairie XO

Dottee O.

I'm coming!

Rachel Carlson

sweets! i am BEYOND excited for you. it's a perfect collaboration. wishing you well. ONE day i will be able to come to this event. xoxo, rachel


Reading how excited you are about being a partner for Spark brought tears to my eyes, I don't blame you for being on cloud 9, wow, that's so awesome Christy!! I would love to come, but too far away from Utah, love looking at the pics afterwards on Margie and Liz's blogs each year about all the fun things they do there, hope you have a GREAT time!!


Congratulations Christy! Enjoy yourself!


oh, how exciting! A little too far from Florida, airfare is outrageous! How lucky for those that can go, to have you as a teacher/partner! I loved the SheArtGirl class, was so grateful to be able to do it online. I'll be watching for snippets & will be cheering you on! Congrats!

laura huffman

so amazing for you. think you feel like i felt when i signed up for your ecourse. i am still stoked and can't wait for it to start. you sparked me. thanks and will go check it out right now. congrats.


Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity! Anyone who attends with benefit from your talent! Wish I could, but the timing isn't right for me.

amy~ the gypsy chick

Hey Sweet Girl! I am so excited for you! this event looks AMAZING!!!! hmmm, i am thinking... ROAD TRIP!!!!
wishing you beautiful day!
amy boland
p.s. thank you so much for everything that you do! <3


I wish I could go. No $. Do you think your friends might let you video the class you teach so you can blog parts of it? Or maybe do interviews with the creators to get ideas and inspiration? It would be great to just see a piece of it...
Congrats on being included in what's obviously a once in a lifetime opportunity. I bet they'll keep you around for a long time.


dude...that would be the most amazing event to attend!!! hmmm...gonna have to save my pennies!


How much is it and does the price include lodging? I would love to attend.. just the word Spark makes me feel all giddy inside.. lol.

Nancy Wyatt

Can't wait! It was amazing last year and I'm sure it will continue to get better and better each year! You teaching a core class will be amazing!! I love the friendships developed there and that they are continuing to grow! Hugs from Conroe, Texas!!


Yay!!! I am SOOOOO happy for you, darling!!! I would love to go to Spark, but it's not in my budget, and it's a long way away from me, with a family who hasn't had me gone ever from them, so it will have to wait until everyone is older (and there's a little more money.) I'm sure everyone will have so much fun, and I will be there in spirit!! :)


Sweet friend...I am so excited for both of you. To have heard you both talking about this for months I can't wait to see what you both do!!!

Savitri Wilder

Congrats, Christy!! So so excited for you! Wish I can go but it's a bit too far right now :) I can't wait to see peaks of what you all do there tho!!


congratulations! I can't attend but it looks absolutely awwwwwwwesome! I remember drooling when I saw pics from last year.

sherry french awesome is that...oh how I would love to is my birthday weekend, but I live in NC and it is a bit far...I sure wish they had something like that around here...oh how fun..


Perfect!!! You will be a wonderful partner for Margie to make the event amazing!!

Michelle Kocher

would love to attend. Imagine I can't tho- being full time mom from WI

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