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March 12, 2011


shar walker

This class is the greatest and now I am addicted.. I have learned so much and had fun with my creations...I never thought I could paint or create anything on a canvas, but I can and its awesome... Christy is a super instructor...

tina   kirk

Would love a chance to win this! Thanks!


Oh, my - I would SO love to win this! Thanks so much for the chance! xx


OOHHHH hope it is me!!
I would adore to do your classxx


Can't wait to take the next class!! Maybe I will get to for free LOL

Kelli Thomas

LOVE this class. I take classes all over the web, and this has been my favorite!!! It is like 5 classes in one ... incredible content and WELL ORGANIZED!!

Cindy W

Serendipity....to happen on your blog by way of another She Art blog...and so glad I did! I need this push to start creating my own art....maybe a free class is in my cards? We'll see.... *smile*


Wow! This class looks like sooo much fun:D

Dee Champion

I would love the opportunity to win a place on your e-course. It looks so exciting. I've done a few e-courses before and I seriously enjoy this way of learning and sharing. If I don't win then I still hope to join your classes at some point in the future :)


Wow - your backgrounds are gorgeous!! I seen a posting about your class on Janet Ghio's blog and had to check it out. Hopefully I can save up some money in the next few weeks! :}


I've been following my friend Nicole's posts about the work she's been making while taking your first class and I am in LOVE!!! I'd love to learn how to be half as creative as you and Nicole, I'd be a happy girl!


Definately going to sign up for this class - the comments from ladies who've taken it "sealed the deal"! It sounds wonderful!


I have read about your art class on Janets blog. It looks really good. I would love to join in the fun.


I don't know when the deadline was for this contest, but I just popped over from faded prairie and had to enter! I'm sure I won't win with all these entries, but it never hurts to try. I am fascinated by your class- it looks like such soulful fun, and I hope some day I can afford to take it. Thanks so much for giving some lucky reader the opportunity to enjoy this class for free!

Angie Murray

LOVE LOVE LOVE this class...it has really made me expand and push myself to try new things. It is AWESOME and Christy, you are amazing!

Hannah Mullens

I've just found your website via someone who is doing this class. I've sat in adoration of the gorgeous canvases they've been making and for some reason have only just come across here to take a look for myself!!! Wow, I've just spotted that there is a chance to win a place and would love to enter this, thanks for the great opportunity. I love art, I scrapbook and took art as a GCSE. My bedroom really needs one of these canvases in it ASAP so thanks for the chance to win :D


This class looks absolutely wonderful!!


I have seen some amazing pieces of art come from this class!

Faun Jackson

My sweet friend, Krisin (Faded Prairie) told me about you and your classes... AMAZING is how she describes them! She has encouraged me to take them and I know I would love them as much as she does. Anything ART and creative I LOVE! So, I am throwing my name in the hat and hoping to get picked!!!


Super awesome giveaway. I'd love to win this. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

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