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March 12, 2011


lorraine lewis

Christy this looks like creative fun. I love your colorful style!


Oh, I can't wait to take this class in April! I missed the first class, but I'm not missing this one!


I have been watching my friend Angie go through your workshop and I totally love everything she has been creating, so I will have to join you, hopefully for your April class...Love mixed media arts and just getting back into it! Thanks for the opportunity of winning! Hugs..


I'm currently taking the She Art Workshop and it is absolutely the most AMAZING thing EVER!!!! I can't begin to tell you all how much I have loved this class, how much I have learned and all of the amazing artwork that's been created and shared. Christy is the BEST! She is the most supportive and sweetest teacher ever and she does an excellent job with everything, from the videos, to the PDF's and all of the other fun things you get to do, like the community boards and Flickr group. Take this class! I promise you won't be disappointed! Pinky swear! lol I just blogged about my first girl and my feelings about this class, so please stop by and read all about my experiences these past 2 weeks:


If you take any online class, let this be the one. I can highly recommend it. You will learn so many techniques and learn from wonderful videos straight from Christy. This class is perfect for both the novice and the advanced painter.

Sherry Smyth

Looking forward to doing this in April. I was interested in the original course and then forgot to register in time!!


This class is the best!!! I have learned so many techniques, and it is so fun!!!


I don't consider myself an artist. I'm a scrapbooker who wanted to branch out. This class is AMAZING. I'm loving it. I have signed up for other online "Art" classes and would walk away saying, Okay, that didn't work. You won't with this class. You will be happy from Day 1 and Christy makes it so easy and so much fun. Sign up....hurry...run....don't walk....you'll love it.


Okay...I am signing up!! I can't wait!!!:)

Mel H

This looks like an amazing class, and I would be thrilled to win such a great prize!

Tina Gilliland

OMGosh...I'm sooooooooo jealous of the girls creating this "she art". I want to do one so badly!!! I think after taking SR1, I can do anything and why not keep learning!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Joye Brown

This workshop looks awesome and I would love to win a class.


I love this class! Christy you're so fun to listen to. :) Love doing these paper dolls and I can't wait for today's final week videos. I highly recomand it to everyone!


This class is SO VERY MUCH FUN! I have truly enjoyed each video. Everytime I sit down to create a girl, my 7 year old daughter comes to join me and she creates one too. She's even started to talk to her canvases just like Christy does in the video! We've created a few "cuties" so far! :)

Heather - Speckled Egg

I've seen such fabulous reviews of your online class ~ I'd love to join the fun!

Khristen Foss

I have been wanting to do this class for a while now, but it just isn't in the financial cards :( A chance to win would be wonderful! Thanks so much! (Fingers crossed!)


I would love to give this to my Mom, thanks.

Sandy Liles

I'm so happy to hear there will be another workshop as I couldn't take the first one. YEA!


loving this class sooooo much!!


Oh how I would love to win this prize. I need the tuition

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