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April 20, 2011


Heidi Hines

I can't wait to take the class!! :) I love how you are free willed and your not scared how your hand writing looks like?. I never thought in a million years to journal in a art book and I have tons of books but, I have always done water colors. It justs show that u can do anything you put your mine too!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Donna Peter

I love Art journals, played around a bit but haven't dove right in. Thanks for sharing this! and for the info on the workshop! :)


Hi Christy! I can't wait to start! I tried to buy your class but paypal won't take my VISA. I don't have a paypal account but I should be able to use it! I'm so excited but I can't order the class. Do you know why?


So excited to start! Thank you so much for your generous time and talent in putting this together :) God Bless you!!

I also had to blog about this new and upcoming experience that I'm about to take!

Debbie Corbari are just so freaking fabulous! You inspire me beyond words! <3

Cheryl S.

Great video Christy! I can't wait to start also!

Paula R.

Hi, Christy! I'm just wondering, can I still sign up for the She Art workshop? I saw what Angie from Scrapscene did, and I fell in love with it, but I guess I'm a little late... or am I? Can you please let me know? thanks!


Hi Christy, I just signed up for your "She Had Three Hearts" Art journaling workshop. I am soo excited! I have watched your blog and vids for a little while and I love, love your style!!! Looking forward to class!!!

laura huffman

oh Christy, so glad you could get away and enjoy your trues. just at week 3 and wanted to let you know wow. love this class, took my art to my family Easter dinner and had to share it with them. they loved them. so excited to play and explore new techniques and ideas. thanks so much. love and hugs. love you

Lori O.

I can't wait to start!!! I hope your break away was fantastic and energizing! ((HUGS))


love the video Thank you
Je suis française et j'adore votre travail merci beaucoup.

The Dreaming Bear

Hey there! Love that video! It is so fun to watch other artists at work, and see how things evolve! Thanks for sharing!


So much inspiration!!!!! :)

darci wills

Thanks for sharing yet another awesome video! I was waiting for you to glue that corner/page down. ;) Loved the background music. I am so going to give this a try over the weekend. Can't wait! Thanks again!

Annie Lou Ricci

Wonderful ... I can see a lot of heartfelt tears will be coming !!!!!!


You make it look so easy!! I can't wait to start!

Groove Press

♥ ♥ ♥ I just came upon your site and blog and viedo. Your artwork is amazing...♥ ♥ ♥

Regina Seeger

Hi Christy. Glad you had fun with your Trues. Thanks for the video. Loved it and can't wait for the next Workshop. thanks for posting the supplies list as I can get a little at a time. Hugs.

Dottee O.

I have some pan pastels that my sister gave me as a gift....they just sit in a box in the corner of my art I will get to use them, woohoo!!
Love the video! especially love the stencil over stencil technique!

Nikki Colley-Priest

booked into the class a few days ago. So excited

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