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April 08, 2011



I have watched several of your videos.. you are a hoot... you sound like me.. I'm always talking and telling the furrrbabies how cute something is.. Love watching.

John Bacon

I want to buy some stencils for masks, do you have a list and prices


John Bacon

Tracey Kuzniak

YOU are too friggin' cute!!! LOVE how you speak and LOVE the cute/pretty effects!! I am saying "oh I LOVE that" when you are on the tapes!! These tutorials are so AMAZING THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kristie taylor

I love your work, and love your personality,, we should totally hang out!
thanks for such awesome frikkin real as all get out inspiration!(p.s. thanks for not editing!i love it just like this!!)


Hi!! Love, love love your work :) What is the name/make of your most favourite doodle pen ever that you use in this video? All pens that I use tend to clog up after the first time I use them!! Thanks Chirsty, always look forward to reading your blogs over here in Wales ( Britain)


I really really enjoyed watching all those and learned so much about letting go and getting messy (which I haven't done yet) and wished that I had seen these early when the sale was on as I don't have any masks or too many stencils, but I will definitely look into stocking up. Looking forward to seeing more of your tutorials Christy :)


Thank you for doing these videos Christy!! I love them just like I love your She Art class. It is so fun and inspiring to watch you work. I have to get my hands on some of those "dang, cute" stencils! I love them!! :)

Deana Wolfe

Christy, can you use quilt spray if you need to free hand the stencils down or will the spray do something to the product?
Thanks, Deana

Deana Wolfe

Christy, you are making it reallllllllllly hard to stay off my computer! lol I thought I could watch these quickly and get on with my daily chores "not" now I want to play! You are the greatest, and Thank you so very much for being so kind to share your videos with us. You are more than WELCOME to come to Oregon and do a live video!


Love video thank you


I loved your videos!!! Learned some really techniques and have to admit I laughed at your "It's so cute!". Thanks Christy!

Dawn B

Thank you for these videos, I loved them!! I hope they stay on here so I can watch and rewatch them! I always wondered what "masks" were and now I know. So many fun things I learned from these videos (along with alot more stuff I will now need to purchase!)

Thank you for sharing your talent with us. AND I love our unedited version:) Very fun.

Have a crafty great day. Thank you again.


I am eagerly waiting for the She Art Class to start..... and keep checking out your blog and saw these fantastic videos of stamping and masking...... LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! I can't wait to start.... thank you thank you for sharing!


Hi Christy! I just wonder if yyou shipp to Norway?


Christy - you rock, girl! Loved the videos - great ideas! Thank you!

Also, I just read your post from Monday, and I feel like you crawled inside my head talking about the fibro. I just got the same diagnosis last fall and said exactly the same things - "that doctor is crazy," "this is some made up disease for depressed people" and "get over it" - LOL! But it didn't matter what I said, it didn't change the 'bad days'. It can be so frustrating when your body isn't cooperating with your schedule! Thank you for your honesty and for making me feel not so alone.

PS: I'm in Texas, so a warmer climate may not be your answer. I have bad days even when it's beautiful outside. I think family and friends being close by is much more imporant to making you feel better than the weather. :)

katie squires

Thank-you so much, you got me playing Fri night :)

Jean Marmo

So much fun!


This was fantastic! Thanks for the videos! I cant wait to get my stash so I can play!!


They were just great! Thanks so much Christy. I can't wait for She Art to start! My almost 3 year old daughter watched these videos with me last night and was mesmerised the whole time. This morning when I sat at the computer she hopped on my lap and said: "Where's the lady with the ink Mummy? I want to watch the lady!"

Beverly S

I agree with what someone else posted: it looks like a mess - and that's why I LOVE it! I'm signed up for the SheArt class to learn how to be messy and spontaneous and free. Can hardly wait!

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