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April 08, 2011



Thanks so much for the tutorials! I'm IN love. Going to have to order some stencils and masks. And seriously get me some modeling paste. I had no idea I could be texturing with Gesso.

I am registered for your class on Monday and cannot wait!

You are such a great teacher...so real and honest!



That was time well spent. Loved the 3 videos, gave me so many ideas!! Thank you!!


{Pattie's passion}

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

Peggy K

Loved this "series". Thanks for all the great tips.

Kristy T.

I was going through Christy withdrawl after She Art ended. So good to see these videos and of course I got the email and ran right in to place another order !! LOL!! Have a blessed weekend !!!

Samantha Wales

Well grr! I missed the coupon! I subbed at the high school today and came home and hurt and ankle and ended up in th eER. Somehow missed yesterday's too. Dang it!


well darnnnnit...back online as soon as I got home before the day is over-- but every single stencil I was going to get is out of stockboohoohooohoooooooo
oh well..maybe I'll have better luck next time . ....thx again for the videos, got so many new ideas (just need the stencils!)


Good to see that I am not the only one that likes to get messy LOL and I like you, am definitely not into perfection. I love it, love it, love it.
Like Wanda, would also like some suggestions on storing stencils amd masks.

Heidi Hines

Love it~!! Thanks for showing us! Have a GREAT weekend! Off to Nevis. I love the red liquix inks!! ;)

laura huffman

how fun are these? so freakin cute. love it. can't wait to start the workshop. yeah. have a great weekend.

darci wills

I freakin LOVE.... L O V E.... these tutorials. Thank you SO much for sharing them with us all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

jenn h

I am LOVING these "Behind the Art" videos!! (Now I just need to get a second job to pay for the addiction:)

Sandi M

Wow-You are on a roll with these masks - Thanks! I've wondered how to use the modeling pastes. I have to know...what is that gorgeous blue color that you used with the flower stencil at the end of video 2? It looks beautiful against the aqua colors.


Thank you!! Loved it!!


thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! gotta go to your shop now.... :)

Eniko's Playhouse

So very generous of you to share more of your techniques & also for extending the sale. XO


Christy... Thank you for always going above and beyond. Loved the videos.


Thank you very much!!!!! So so kind of you.... I love your videos!
Have a nice weekend!

Carol Miller

What a wonderful Surpise. # videos. Was missing you from the She Art Workshop. Love the stencil as a stamp idea. Just placed an order. Thanks for your inspiration and generous spirit. Keep smiling


fabulous! thank you for sharing so in depth with us! It makes me want to create! want to get dirty and have fun!!!

Donna Peter

thankyou for these tutorials!! Alot of this is new to me, so this is all really helpful! Loved your She Art class!

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