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April 08, 2011



love to see you again:)was in the SHE ART class


OMG! Christy, thank you for these videos! I can't wait to take you class. :-)

Gina Davis Rogers

could you be any cuter?!!!! love, love, love the stencil videos!!! i'm signed up for the she art workshop and can't wait to take all of them!!! now i'm off to the store to purchase some goodies!!!!


What a treat - having three of your videos to watch today. I was in withdrawal after I finished the She-Art class (which was phenomenal!). And now I am waiting for the art journaling class. So today I had another good dose of your talent, humor, and cuteness which may hold me until class starts!! Thanks!


Christy, any tips on storing stencils? I keep throwing mine in a box and some are getting bent! Loving the inspiration!

Martha Richardson

Sizzle...you are sizzling ;)

christy tomlinson

you know I don't have that problem at all. Mine doesn't smear or smudge. Do you live in a humid area? I am wondering if the pen is not getting completlty dry. I live in a really dry climate (i mean we get rain and snow.. but it's a dry cold, not humid cold). Wonder if that affects it :)

christy tomlinson

Christie! I vidoe in my garage and we actually hung the tripod upside down. wiring it to the ceiling (which is unfinished.. so had placed we could).I leave the tripod up all the time and just attatch and un attatch the vidoe camera to it, when I need to.
works great!

magdalena fernandez

you r the best, thank you

Christie Campbell

Hi Christy,
How do you have your video camera set up. I like the format because you can see exactly how your hands apply the stencil and paint. This is similar to the cooking shows. Do you have a special tripod? I would like to show the students what I am doing at the front of the class with a direct feed to the projector because the artwork needs to stay flat because it is wet and it will run if I hold it up to show the class. Plus the students are to far away to see the art.
Thank you so much,

Sherry Smyth

Great videos Christy! It's always fun to watch an artist at work, using different techniques!

cassandra bainbridge

This looks like a mess to me.....who needs the clean up?

Meribeth Gillespie

More amazing video's, thank you. Question, When I use your favorite journaling, doodling pen and then I do mod podge over it, the ink seems to smear. How do I keep that from happening?

I've avoided using ink sprays but these video's have made me feel I can do-it, yahoo!

Marilyn Holland

Great fun seeing you work again. Love those Crafters Workshop stencils. Must have a couple more. Marilyn


Thank you... You rock!


I serious need some of these stencils! so many cute ideas! TFS! :)

Lynn Finkelstein

Christy - You are the BEST! I'm so excited to have NEW videos! YAYYYYY!!!

Erin Ummel

YAY! I just placed a stencil order yesterday! Now I can figure out what to do with them. :) Thanks so much, Christy!

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