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April 13, 2011



Just wondering what kind of pen you use when you refer to your doodle pen...thanks!


I LOVE your work and it inspired me to go shopping tomorrow and try this myself!!! Great result also for my deck of me journal I just started:

with love



Just got my big brush pens, and watched this video! Now I know what to do with them, and how to use them on my projects. How exciting! My 7 year old daughter is very artsy and watched it with me and loved it! She applauded at the end :) Sure looking forward to the Three hearts workshop!


Thank You Christy


Fantastic video, cannot wait to try them!!


oh my, something to add to the list of things i need. love it.


Great video!
Thanks for sharing!

Dede Rhodes

I love them and now I will have to buy some of those. I just finished two of the canvaas from the SheArt class and am loving the class. I have never been a painter but now am realizing i just might have to embark on that adventure. You are such a joy! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I heart you!

Rachel Tops

Christy, I just got my first mix and match FC a week ago and I am IN LOVE! I have to get some more! Looking froward to seeing this video!


katie squires

so enjoyed that

Dottee O.

Hey the extra lessons on using the big brush pens!! Thanks for taking the time to make this video!!

Debby Ebeling

Christy, your art brings out the girl in all of us! Thanks again for sharing! And for the special offer code,,,back to the shop for me again!

Sarah Lejeune

love learning from you! You make it do-ible!

magdalena fernandez


Linda Polaretzki

Great video and watching it come alive. But I wasn't able to grasp how to "prepare" the canvas before you started everything.

ana smith

i'm so excited to start working this way.....i wondered about the faber i know it's something i need(not just want) Thanks!


Thanks again for sharing Christy! I have some Faber Castell pens in my stash (the smaller ones) & never used them like you. I can't wait to use them with my paintbrush. Always so inspiring you are!! :)

deb christensen

wow, i just discovered your blog a few days ago and i love it here! your art, your projects, your videos are great~i love how you really USE your supplies! watching you has giving me that same feeling i use to get back in elementary school when our monthly art day rolled around...and i'm stinkin' old so those memories are hard to drudge up!
i'm hoping you'll be doing more eclasses in the fall when i get back to town...

christy tomlinson

hey girl! they are back in stock! We hadn't entered the ones we had that arrived today! So you are good to go!


Oh boy - can't wait to watch the video tonight! Love the girls and now I'm going to be hooked on new product!

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