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April 15, 2011



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Julia Irene

Loved seeing your kids. My daughter and youngest son like to join me sometimes. I think its great. thanks for sharing.


I LOVE this video!! :-D Your kids are so cute. I miss being a teacher when I see this. I have to start crafting with my daughter again. (We took a break from it since we are both stubborn and she always "aready know how to do that". ;-) )

I hope you are having a great trip!!

Kelly Thiel

That's awesome! I look forward to my girls being old enough that we can have days like this! Your video made me smile :)
Thank you and have a great trip with your friends!


That is so cute!!! Your kids are so much fun Christy and I loved your video with them in it :) My lil guy is an artist as well and I also cringe when he wants to use my good supplies, so I could totally relate to that comment. Have fun while your away, enjoy life to the fullest :)


So cool! Makes me realise I should let mine play with " mummy's good stuff!)

Enjoy your time with your friendsxxx

Dawn B

So sweet. You are such a great mommy! My kids love to do art but I can't stand to let them in my stuff plus they make the biggest mess!!
Now you need to make those cute boys of yours some BOY aprons:) LOL
have a great weeekend.

Julie Parmer Hosley

I love that your children are wearing your aprons! So darn cute! Cutest family ever! See you soon! Love u!

jenn h

That video is seriously too sweet!
Have a wonderfully beautiful time with your trues.

Michelle L.

I think every mom who does crafts at home and has her kids watch and sometimes create with her can appreciate this video. I know I made me smile :). Thank you for sharing it with all of us....and NO, it wasn't too dorky!

Kristy T.

How fun !! I love art time with my grandbabies !! Way to go kids...and Mom...Wink !!


ENJOY your time with your SO deserve this!!
Thank you for always inspiring us...{LUV} all you share!!
Can't wait for May!!!


its not dorky at all making a video with the kids! thanks for sharing I loved it!


What a wonderful video!! I know one thing's for sure--if i was a kid living there, i'd sneak into the studio at night and play with all of the fun crafty stuff all night long - and probably eat all of the ice cream!

amy~ the gypsy chick

LoVe this! my kids just love arts & crafts!!!! have a great weekend!!! XoXxo

Carol Miller

Have a wonderful break. You deserve it. My Trues all live far away. And sometimes you just need a hug from them :). Laugh till your sides hurt. Your my favorite blog.

Martha Richardson

Christy ~ Enjoy you week with your trues!!! You give so much of yourself and so do your all need "Soul She Heart" break!

Cim Allen

Have a well deserved awesome time with your trues. I'll miss you on blog land for 5 days :)

melody ross

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


love love love...
see you soon!
kiss kiss

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