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April 25, 2011


Timber Suppliers

You can throw blankets in the washer and vacuum a bit more than usual with a do. But small birds toss seed, produce a lot of dusty feather dander and birds are poop machines.


I was recently reading a book about how to cope with overwhelming emotions and it read, "If you're in a painful situation and your emotions are going to overwhelm you and possibly make things worse, then often it's best just to leave." This reminded me of the many times I've left a party, a camping trip, a get together with family, or a friends house because I suddenly became profoundly depressed, with a sickening ache deep in my stomach. I would feel an almost uncontrollable urge to cry, but if I was unable to get away I would just shut myself out from everyone else and be silent, saying I was tired if someone asked if I was okay. Many times I have said goodnight to retreat to my room and cry. It is this side of me that I am ashamed of and have always tried to hide. To this day I hide my depression from my friends and sometimes family, so that I can have normal relationships with people and not be given special treatment. I feel shy and embarrassed in public, it is hard for me to look people in the eyes. When someone who cares asks me whats wrong I can't be real because I would be too emotional. I want so much to be close but I'm afraid and ashamed of who I am. I feel inadequate and unwanted. I feel like no one would want to be with someone insecure, hurt, and depressed. I keep finding out how much depression has been affecting every aspect of my life and been the driving force behind my biggest problems. It makes me want to feel like I'm a victim and its not my fault, and to forgive myself. For some reason I continue to feel like I am fundamentally flawed and should be rejected. I crave having a girlfriend to hold me and to be close to, and I feel ashamed of this desire, like it is childish or taboo. I do not feel like I am Okay the way I am, and even though I am aware of all the ways my thinking is flawed I haven't been able to feel differently. I can't lead a normal life when I feel like crying every day.

Thanks - Gareth Ackanowledge

Heather Millar

Have fun at Ranger U!! My good friend Jenn L. will be there!! Can't wait to see what all you guys do!!


Christy, if you love birdcages, you need to go visit my friend Cindy's blog at Oh. my. gosh. You will fall in love. Cindy and I have been friends since high school, and she is the most amazing woman... Not crafty stuff, always, but wow, her style is incredible!!!


Dank u wel, nice job! Dit was de dingen die ik moest hebben.


Ah! eindelijk heb ik gevonden wat ik zocht. Soms duurt het zoveel moeite om zelfs kleine nuttig stukje informatie te vinden.


Bedankt voor het samen te vatten zo goed. Ik denk dat ik hier terugkeer vaak. Met vriendelijke groet.


Deze website is echt een walk-through voor alle info die je wilde over deze en wist niet wie hij moet vragen. Glimpse hier, en je zal zeker ontdekken.


well I'm exhausted just reading your post...LOL...I can't imagine how you feel. So glad you had a relaxing and productive week and can not wait to see what you create with Mr. Tim at Ranger U (lucky girl). Have a fabulous time. TFS

Erin Ummel

Congrats on being accepted to Ranger U! You deserve it girl! :)

Kate Robertson

Ranger U sounds like it will be a blast. Have a great time, which I know you will. Tim is pretty awesome and so are you.


mardi james

I did follow Tim for a while and I like the grunge look, but I love what you do. I consider you a femine Tim Holtz. Your grunge is girly!
Love It

Ann Marie

Ooo! You are having an exciting year -- so happy for you my friend. Please bring back some good Tim Holtz tips -- love him and his grungy goodness!

Cim Allen

Lucky you for going to Ranger U !! Just to be able to hang out with Tim Holtz for three days would be awesome .. lucky duck !! Can't wait to hear about your time in Jersey .. safe travels !!


Make sure you take an empty suitcase for all the goodies they will give you. And say hello to Hels Sheridan who is flying over from the UK. (Same person Christine is talking about!)

Christine N

I'm so excited for you. My friend, Linda Ledbetter, will be there. We get together every once in awhile for a stamping party with another lady. We'll be getting together at her house right after Ranger U. She lives here in Boise and also runs the Grungy Monday challenge in honor of Tim.

Another blog I stalk will be there, Helz. She aslo runs a challenge. I can't believe I know three ladies from the 26. Amazing!!!


Love your new photo in the corner. Super congratulations to you for Ranger U and the M.M. is awesome.

amy~ the gypsy chick

glad you had a little girl time!!! sounds like fun!!! have a great trip & am totally jealous!!! can we trade places just for one day!!! :))) XoXxo amy


Ranger U is totally on my list of things to do! :) Have so much fun out there!!! I'm loving the bird cage trend myself. So many fun ways to use them!

Vivian C

How exciting that you get to be with Tim at Ranger U!! Wow!! You are very blessed! Can't wait to learn more from you... :)

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