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April 06, 2011


Audrey Yeager

WOW! What a way to pay it forward! Such a touching story....I would love to win a spot!

Dawn B

That is an amazing gift that that gal did, to purchase all those spots and Pay it Forward. It is so great to know that there are still so many wonderful amazing women out there that want to give back. Thank you!! Its people like you that inspire me even more. I love to do for others and that is one thing I've been trying to teach my children.

Christy, for you to give away 20 spots is also amazing. Thank you. I will hope to win one of those:) Thanks much.


This is great! A sure way to brighten someone's day!

Crystal Schaar

This is so awesome. Thank you for being so generous. Both of your classes sound awesome. This blog post is so inspiring and it gets me thinking...


Wow--love the class concept & the pay forward generous spirit!! Would love to win a spot for my daughter's birthday surprise!! Thank you for your enthusiasm & sharing your talents with others--very empowering!

Peyton KL

Am absolutely excited to take the class and thinks it is fun and very creative. Hope to win and thanks for your generosity and inspiration!

Olivia L.

I have seriously been considering taking an art class, and this should be it! Plus, it begins on my birthday, so even if I am not chosen I will be giving this to myself as a personal gift. My husband just doesn't know it yet. I can do that every once in a while, right? ;)
Thanks for always picking us up and giving us a reason to be HAPPY.


Wow! this is pretty awesome. I took this class already, but I think it will be perfect for my sister. Thanks for the chance.


2 of my friends have taken this class and they LOVED it. Their artwork has been just amazing! I hope I get chosen - but even if I don't, I'm going to sign up and take it this go-round! Thanks!

Isabella KL

Wow! Would LOVE to join you and take the She Art Workshop!! Thank you so much for your generosity and the chance to win!

kate blue

you are such a sweetie to share even when not feeling good....kindness is a cycle we should all be a part of without expecting anything in return...


Such a lovely thing to do, warms my heart it truly does. I am already signed up and super excited for Monday and to win a gift of this class for a friend would be totally awesome x Thanks for the opprtunity and role on Monday xxx


That is such a wonderful act of generosity and warms my heart to know there are people out there like that. I would love to win a spot!! :) I have had a rough few months and would love to be able to learn how to create those beautiful she art girls...its time to move forward in my life :)

Crystal mcconnell

Wow!!! How inspiring! I would love to win this. I want to take this class so much. Have thought about it everyday since the last launch. Paying it forward is so important in life. Thank you for reminding us. If I win, I will gift a spot in the class to my friend who is going through a tough time. She, like me...could use some "She Art"


Wow you are really generous! I try. Thank you!

Siobhan Fry

Such amazing generosity Christy...what a wonderful way to pay it forward. I would love the chance to participate this time around :)

Amanda clemons

It is probably too late but I would love to be able to take this class. I have fiber just like you as well as lupus and degenerative disk disease in 3disks. I have recently had to file for disability. I just started scrapping and doing mixed media lately. I had no idea how therapeutic creating can be. For a little while I forget about the pain. Do to me having to stay at home and med bills I can not take the class but I hope to at some point. Your work is such an inspiration to me. I am saddened to hear of your struggles with fiber. Very gentle hugs to you.

Jenni Carrino

Wow! How generous of the BOTH of you! What a blessing it would be to take this class!! I've got my fingers crossed!!
Thank you BOTH SOOO much!

Sandi M

Can I say I'm blown away that you are Leora's sister? I LOVE her digi work! I'm with you on taking digi stuff and hybridizing it - so fun :) What a creative family you are part of! You are so sweet to decide to do your own pay it forward after being touched by the woman who has bought classes for her good friends. I've done that at the tollbooths and restaurants to random people, but this is big! Thanks Christie :)


This is such a wonderful thing to be doing. I have just recently found your blog and the She Art class looks fabulous!

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