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April 06, 2011



I love the idea of your workshop! My fingers are crossed that I win a spot. I am one of 'those' ladies, that don't yet consider myself an artist, and am hoping that this class would help change that in my mind. LOL.

Seriously, what a great thing to do. Thanks for the chance.

Tina Gilliland

OMGosh... I would SOOOO love to win a spot! I was all ready to sign up then my hours were cut and I have to rethink my finances. Donna Peter informed us that took Brave Girls SR1 with her that we could win a chance. Thank you sooo much for the opportunity!!! I LOVE your art and would dearly love to learn all I can!!


Oh Christy, thank you for the generosity. I have taken the course, loved it, but would love to give it to one of my Brave Girl Sisters who otherwise couldn't take the course. You are so special.
And, Thanks, Teresa, because you know, I wouldn't be able to take Three <3s without you.

Donna Peter

WOW, Such generosity!! I've been really enjoying your class Chrisy, so much fun! I'd love to share this with others!! It's brought me such joy and hope that is does the same for others! that's how I got my spot in your class through the generosity of others!!


Teresa is truly special girl. What a wonderful gift she has given so many women! You all inspire me with your strength, love, and generosity!!!

Kelly Sedler

I am signed up for the class and am sooo looking forward to it! However, I would love the "pay it forward" to share with another woman. How generous of you!

So much love for creativity and generosity in this group. I am proud to be aware of this blog and the people associated with it!


What a wonderful generous spirit that lady that purchased 10 spots has. I hope she is blessed by that.
I have already paid for my entry, but hopefully I can win and pass it along to my Mom. She could really use this right now.

Raechelle Bellus

wow. Thank you so much for the amamzing opportunity to have a chance to take this class for free. It's funny because I have tried to pay for this class twice now, and my computer has frozen up both times. Maybe it's an omen. I guess I'll find out. Art is amazing... it has the gift of bringing so many people together in such a powerful way.

judy in huntsville - al

SO fun Christy!!I"m in the class already - but i'm sure I could find another friend to PIF too! THanks for the opportunity!!

nicole austin

i am so excited for this class! and i would love to share it with my friend who has recently developed an interest in mixed media art. thank you for your generosity and inspiration!

Sandi Tygar

I am also one of the 10 women that Teresa gifted the class to... and she truly is an incredible woman. I'm so blessed to have met her thru Soul Restoration... and if I won for this comment, I know so many deserving ladies that would love to take your class... I would love to pay it forward...

cheri vallery

Would LOVE to win a spot .. I have been on the fence because I just don't seem to have time ..but will make time



Christy, don't enter me, I'm already in the class, but want to tell you how much I admire you as a human being. You are amazing... :)


Love the post- congrats on the radio show. I would love to pay it forward to my sister who is not "artist" nor a hoarder of supplies like me...but I really think it would inspire her. SHe's goign through a really rough patch in life right now. Maybe the kindness would be as touching as the kindness towards me too--by a generous woman <3


wow Christy!! I would love to win a spot in your class, on a limited budget and couldn't do it the first time around. Love all your artwork, SO beautiful, thanks for the chance to win!!

Robin W.

I think your class sounds fun--I heard about it by following Karen Grunberg's blog. She showed a few examples she made and said she loved the first one so much she has already signed up for the next class.

Melissa P

Hope Hope Hope! Pray Pray Pray!

Karen Bearse

Hi Christy,
I am taking your SheArt class & having a great time, I will be signing up for the 3hearts...
My friend is planning on signing up for your next class. Her son has diabetes & they are going through a tough time. They can not get him regulated which means she is up 5 & 6 times a night checking his levels. Add lack of sleep to stress & worry. He often has to leave school in the middle of the day which is a good 40min. drive for her, so she can almost never relax as she is just waiting for her phone to ring. She has 2 other kids also. This woman is great, & kind & a very tired fighter. She so deserves a good RAK & this course is perfect for her. She would be able to push pause if need arises.
Thanks for doing this!


i'm signed up for the monday class, but would love to give a spot to someone special! this is such a darling thing for you to do--thanks so very much!

Jeanie Hughes


I read your blog and see your wonderful art everyday! Recently my father passed away and I am going to pay it forward with money that I will receive from his will to family members that really need it more then me! Even though they won't be thankful! I would like to create a He paper doll canvas in memory of my Father! Keep up the beautiful person you are!

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