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April 06, 2011


Holly S

christy, I love you and your being inspired by your art, love your links to great things to check out, love reading your words, love relating to you and your struggles, love, love love it all! Your generosity is unbelievable-thanks for lighting the fire under me to pay it forward!

Viktoria - ♥ s t j e r n f a l l ♥

I would very much like to take the chance and see if i win a spot in your class. It is very generous of you :)

Cristina-Sweet Pea Ink just inspire me so much with your artistry, sense of humor and honesty. You've opened up so many windows for me. xoxo I am already signed up for your next journaling class and have taken the She-Art class, but would love to be entered so I could pass on a spot to someone. So awesome that you are doing this...awesome!

Jenifer Cowles

Wow how great, I would absolutely love this class but it is not in the cards for me at this, time. Thanks so much for everything you do and you inspire me daily.

Karen Bernoe

I've seen your students' creations and all I can say is "WOW". Who wouldn't want to explore themselves...often hurtful but in the end helpful. Thanks for this opportunity to join the group. Crossing my fingers.

Nerissa Alford


I feel very blessed to have been in your class. Everyone I have met has such as big heart, including yourself. I don't think I can put into words how much you have inspired me. I have gone from being in a rut to creating every single day.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I bought a slot for my sis as a birthday gift & she is so excited to take your class. Also on the Where Women Create FB site Thursdays are for sharing links & I had to put one up for your class ;)


Angela Fehr

What a lovely gesture! Generosity is so beautiful.

Beth B

It would be great to win this class for a good friend of mine who thinks she is not crafty!!


This class was one of the BEST I have ever taken because I truly feel that it freed my "inner artist." I have a dear friend, who like me, loves to get her hands into painting and getting a little messy. I would love to give this class to her.


I saw that you are having this class and I really really want to join.... I get so inspired by looking at your art and I want to learn and get even more inspired!!!!

Gaëlle Fauglas

such a beautiful offer, thanks for your generosity, can't wait for monday !

Bethany C.

I am so grateful to have experienced the She Art Workshop on the first go around. Christy - you are amazing - a fabulous teacher! I would love to be able to share this class with one of my dear friends.

Lisa Campion

YOU & so many others are SO generous to offer your Pay It Forward love. It's true that what you give comes back to you 1,000-fold. Have a great day.


Wow you are really generous. I would love to take this class, unfortunately I cant afford so I hope I win :)


What a thoughtful and lovely thing to do! I am on my way right now to sign up for the class!

Regina Seeger

I would like to give a free class to my friend, Lynn, who has taken care of her mother for the past 28 years. Her mom was recently put into an assisted living and I feel that Lynn deserves a special gift - the She Art Workshop - as a thank you for giving of herself for so many years.

I am working on the SHE Workshop now and also signed up for 3 hearts. LOVE LOVE LOVE.....crazy about the She Workshop

Thanks for considering my friend.


Yay! I'll blog about it and hope more people will find the She Art Workshop. :-)


Love so much the pay it forward idea. Would love to be able to take the class but just couldn't fit it in this time. I would be over the moon if I was chosen. Thanks so much.



Thank you for this chance. Thank you to be here with yuor words and encouragement!

Karen Larson

I would love to win a spot....either way, you are inspiring. <3

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