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April 06, 2011


laura huffman

amazing giveaway, thank you so much Christy. taking this class and would love to give it to a girl friend.

Laura-Lee Audit

Wow!! You seriously rock Christy!! Would LOVE a seat in your class!!

Stephanie Frisby

Wow! How inspiring! There are so many good people in this world!

Linda Robison

What a wonderful post today, made me teary! I am not in a position to purchase the class for myself and can't pay it forward so I can sing the praises of those who pay it forward because it totally changes everything for the recipients!! To be blessed with a selfless gift like this one gives HOPE, and THAT is a beautiful thing. I'm so excited for those that receive this wonderful gift - fingers crossed that I'm one of them ;-)

Heidi Myers

Wow! I am always so touched by how lovely people can be.

I am SO taking this class but I'm waiting to sign up until Sunday, which is my f-word (40th) birthday, so I can "justify" the expense to the hubby, LOL. Of course, I would so love to win it, too. Your work is amazingly inspiring. Thank you!


i loved she art so much... one of the best buys i have had...it made me into an artist!


Would love a chance to take the course! Wow! 20 spots....there will be some very blessed recipients!


Would love to take this class !! Hope i win..thanks for the opportunity !


Don't you just love paying it forward. Women are so strong and it's fabulous when we can support each other so freely.
I am a terrible artist but love art right down to my soul. I have kept "art" journals since I was about 10 and they are "UGLY". No one sees these but me and cherish them all.
I'm hoping to get the money together to take your class so I can learn real artist techniques. I want to make a journal for my daughter summarizing my life but I don't want it too look my originals. I want it too look artsy. You know what I mean, LOL. Anyway, I'm sure I'm too late for the draw but I love your work and look forward to seeing more and learning. Thank you for sharing your art and life.


Oh, wow - how super-generous of those PIF-ers, and how super-generous of you to respond in this way! x

Annie Cahill

Hi I have recently found via another blogsite who just adores you and your class. I would love to win one your classes. Your are truly a generous person.

Melinda Thompson

What a beautiful, generous idea...I would love to win a spot in your class xx


How amazing!! The class seems perfect for my daughter Peyton who would love to take this class for her birthday & discover more about her creative soul!! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Mary in Chicago

What a wonderful and generous offering of spirit and inspiration!


I loved the class!! It would be so awesome to be able to gift a place in the next class to my sister. What a wonderful and kind thing you are doing!! Love you Christy!

Susan Tidwell

What a wonderful and generous idea! Bless that woman who gave ten spots and bless you for doubling it! I can think of many women who would love to take this class.

Erin Noll

I LOVE the pay forward concept! I've had a few drive through experiences where people have purchased my coffee or Happy Meal--it's am awesome-ly uplifting feeling but even MORE fun to return the favor...She Art terrifies me but is so incredible I should face the FEAR!


I would like to win and give the class to one of my scrap friends at scrap friendly. I have been sharing my work with them and they have all been so supportive. I know that many of them would like to take the class and I would luv to give them a spot. Thanks for the chance. This class was so amazing!!! I can't wait to take your next one.


Adding my thanks to all the wonderful and generous people out there. I love the Paying It Forward concept.. I find it fills the soul with joy for both the giver and receiver.
May EVERYONE have a joyful day

Kathleen D

Thank you for your generosity Christy and the chance to win a slot in your class. I'm off to check out your sister's new website. What a creative family you have!

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