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April 06, 2011


Pippa Gore

I was one of the lucky women who received a place on the She Had 3 Hearts course, it was a total surprise and I am so thankful, Teresa is a truly wonderful "Brave Girl"!

Kathryn Benfiet

It's so amazing when we give from our heart without any thought of notice or recognition how much we gain from that. I commented on your last post regarding your fibromyalgia. I too have fibro and so often, keep my pain "under wraps" until I literally fall apart. It's hard to find that balance of "acceptance" and ignoring or pretending that everything is ok when it clearly isn't. I believe that God is teaching me some very big lessons through my journey with fibro and other health issues. I just splurged and am taking the Brave Girls class and hope to take yours someday too. Hang in there and thanks for sharing!

Martha Richardson

This is wonderful Christie...I have already paid for my class but I do know several women that I would love to take this class. I've been thinking about doing this for your 3 Hearts class for someone that had a HUGE impact on my artistic life. So exciting & can't wait for your class ;)

Kelly Hoernig

Love, love, love your generousity! I took the first class and would love to give this spot to my friend. Thank you for this opportunity to give.


Paying it forward is such a wonderful idea! How very generous!

Heather Wartenburg

Love it! I have a friend who I would love to Pay it forward with. Life is throwing her a series of curve balls lately. I would love to do something for her as she does so much for so many others. Love it and love the way you teach creativity. Frees the soul, ya know?

Erika M

It's amazing the generosity of people and how people do pay it forward. I did not comment of your very personal post because it really just brought forth alot of personal struggles that I'm currently going through - my mother passed this February very unexpectedly from lung cancer - it all happened so fast - diagnosis in November and passed away in February. I miss my mother terribly but you've helped me to put things into perspective.

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