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April 06, 2011


diana c

if i get paid forward, i'll give the class to my daughter....a poor (not in spirit),married doctoral student who could use this opportunity to have a mental break from her studies of physical therapy. crossing my fingers......

Pat Healey

Thankfully today is a much better day! Your family is amazing. I love, and have been using it since they started. Good Luck with the new She Art Class - it's wonderful.

logan wilhelm

I would like to do this for my step-daughter, Wendy. I took the first "She Art" class and anxious to start the "She had Three Hearts". Wendy could use a pick me up as she is having some tough times now. Thanks for your generosity of spirit, you are an inspiration!!! LOVE YOU!


Oh my heck...that is the sweetest, kindness thing I have ever heard!!!!! There are so many good, good people in this world!!:)

I would be in Heaven if I won this...and even if I don't I am still taking this class!!!! But...;)

Love ya'!!


Jean Marmo

I know the perfect person to gift a class to! I just loved the class and am still having fun!

Denise S.

Just recently discovered you and your blog. I would love to win a spot in the class starting Monday. Thanks for making this generous offer to all.

Dorothy F

Loved your class, Christy, but unfortunately because it took so long to get the products, I never did make any art. I would love to be able to repeat the class and to review all the wonerful videos.


Loving you Christy! Denise


I've already taken this class - and LOVED it! I would love to gift it to a friend if my name is drawn! Thanks so much for offering this!

Jacky S

Such amazing generousity,Christy....I just loved the class....and would love to win one to pass on to a friend.


How sweet of you! I really wanted to take a class with you, but the $ just isn't there right now, so here's hoping I win!


What a fabulous idea!! I know I've enjoyed the class immensely and know several people that would love to take it!

Lynda Smith

Christy, you are an amazing woman. I will take your sheart class one day!

Lisa H.

Can't wait for class on Monday. Hoping to win a spot for a daughter, too! :-)

Mary Brockway

What a beautiful thing!!! I'm off to spread the word :-)


Wendy Peatross

Oh I would love to take your class. There are so many more things I want to learn.


There are so many kind and caring women in this world. I would love to take this class...missed out last time.

Cheryl  Bakke Martin

Such a beautiful offer. Thanks you and please count me in. Blessings,


Christy - I loved taking your class the first time though I only got to do the first week before we had a family emergency completely turn my world upside down. I'd love to finish what I started!

Stacey aka Ribbon Divas

Christie this is a Fabulous idea! I've already enrolled into the class but I would love to PIF to a wonderful person I know! By the way, I've purchased items off before, how funny such a small world ;)I will make sure to check out their new digital site too! Once again, thank you so much for offering a few spots in the class for other people who may not have been able to participate in the Fabulous She Art Workshop! ~Hugs~


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