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April 06, 2011



What a wonderful gift! When you hear about things like this happening, you know you are surrounding yourself with "good" people.
Let the fun begin!


I would like to win a spot because I don't have the funds to take it. But if I don't get to take it, I can glean inspiration from your blog and the She Art pictures on Flicker. I was blown away by how different women took the same class, yet each piece of She Art was so unique! Each piece is an inspiration in itself. I'm so blessed by it all. Thanks for today's post. Can't wait to check out the new web store. Hope they take Paypal. :)


What a wonderful gesture,I have loved the PIF idea since the first time I heard of it in the movie!! There are going to be some very lucky women!!!


I'm continually amazed by the generosity of the women around me! Looking forward to the start of class on Monday---would love to win a spot.

Andrea MacDonald

I had tears in my eyes when I read this. I love it when people pay it forward it is so kind and generous and absolutely heart warming.
I wish I could tell you something that amazing but seriously, nothing tops that. What an awesome lady, and thank you Christy for also being awesome and paying it forward.


I know a very special friend who I would love to pay it forward to, it's so hard to know how to help a friend who is going through a bad period in her life, this is an AWESOME pay it forward... THANK YOU!!!


What a neat idea, I've never taken one of your classes but after reading the comments I'm dying to get in on the action! Thanks


You are over the top amazing - along with so many others. LOVE LOVE LOVE ya.


Oh gosh how generous! Would love a spot in the class!

Julia Irene

It is truly amazing what you can do with a computer. Love your work! And I would love to win a seat in your She Art Workshop class. Thanks for a chance to win.


I would love for my daughters to be able to take this class. I took it, but it will have expired before they are done with school. It is the best class I have ever taken and would love for my girls to have the chance to do it all.


Wow, so awesome that she did that for her friends! Your class looks like a lot of fun - thanks for the opp!


Um, wow! How exciting is this?! I popped by in the hope of seeing a new tutorial or another cool behind the art vid, anything really to give me an inspirational boot up the bum! But instead I find this - so cool! I have been eyeing off your classes and seeing the amazing creations coming from them adn would LOVE a chance to take part. So, fingers are firmly crossed I win a spot but if not, I will find a way!


Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class. I loved your post yesterday. It was so real and honest, and a beautiful reminder to enjoy the good days and let go on the bad days. I had a lot of those last year when our family was going through a tough time. You are so right that those days DO NOT define us. I have a friend with fibromyalgia and your post really helped me understand better what she deals with on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing!

Margaret Lussier

What an amazing group of women! Thanks so much for your generosity. Your class looks amazing-I would love to win a spot!

katie squires

Wow I am smiling so brightly that someone would donate 10 spots and others are too! Incredible :) The world is a good place indeed :)

Becky H

I would love to give a spot to a friend. Thank you.


yay! i love being in this online community of people. it totally blows me away how loving and kind everyone is and it makes me feel all the more i want to be a better person. thank you so much for sharing.

Cathy K.

So generous and brave of Teresa sending only good thoughts her way. You are also extremely generous to offer so many spots in an effort to pay it forward. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot!

lisa arana

I would really LOVE to take this class. I have so many friends that rave about it, I know it would be so good for me!!! Thanks for the chance.

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