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April 29, 2011



It's what we do "everyday" - not what we do once in a while. You give and give and give. People who love you, know that about you. {{HUGS}}

Naomi Elliott

Hi Christy, after doing the She Art workshop (even prior to this) I have been a huge fan of yours. You are a beautiful soul and just want to thankyou for sharing your gift!
I too have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (Jan 2011). I can totally relate to your struggles. I have recently sold my little business as I found it difficult to deal with my health along with the day to day running of a household and family. I have included some exercise, massages and eating alot more healthier which has helped a little, but as you know there is no cure, its just one of those things we have to live with.
I am a very positive person and know that things could have been alot more worse health wise.
I am currently taking a potassium supplement(for the aches and pains) and having a B12 injection once a month which is helping with the fatigue.
I normally wouldnt share something so personal but felt the need to!
Thankyou for sharing your story and inspiring so many of us.
Look after yourself and stay positive!

a box of chocolates

Christy such a wonderful post. you are so very fortunate to have these wonderful friends in your life. Hope you find a way to make it through each day, without too much pain and with lots of love and laughter.

Lori Souter


Thanks for sharing this experience. What a great group of girls you all are....I am experiencing something similar. I am always on time with birthday gifts..This year, not the case. I feel terrible that I am not feeling great and I am not "keeping up". This past week I was able to get some of the birthday gifts delivered and it was if it was their bday all over again!

collette schildkraut

well, yep I cried... thats a wonderful lesson to relearn as we sometimes get caught up in what we didn't do. You have wonderful friends.
I also find your thoughts on fibromyalgia very interesting . I found your previous post about it. THat one was a little scary. My 20 year old daughter has it. for a year now. Getting diagnosed was not an easy thing. Well it was, once we found the right doctor.
but she says that she's been feeling these random pains for years and just thought they were normal. It all came to a head when she was not well at college( she also has diabetes since 4yrs old) she ending up leaving Indiana and coming home . I'm sure it was complete stress that caused this major attack. She manages. she said she's accepted pain is part of her life. That makes me so sad as a mother i can do nothing to help her . I don't want her to take those stupid tablets on tv. But stress is a major factor. And being a dramtic kid doesn't always help her situation. She feels better with the diagnosis and is in a happy emotional place right now. so fingers crossed ") Sorry wrong place for this comment maybe!!!!

sandra de

How special to be so loved by your friends. A wonderful reminder that we do not need to bring anything when we are with special people. I also have to say how wonderful it was to do your She Art girl workshop have loved the techniques you shared.


i have to say, even though i have never met you, that your friends hit it dead on. i can imagine that spending a little time with you would be more than enough!! and a little caramel goodness can go a long way!!:D

carol m

That was a beautiful inspiring story. Thank you for sharing with us. I have fibro too, so I get it. But it is so nice to hear it from someone else that some days, it's enough to just be you and those that love us will love us anyway and understand.

Beverly S

Thank you for such a personal and open-hearted story. As a fellow fibromyalgia gal, I understand how you felt about your "lame" gift. What wonderful friends you are blessed with. One of my mantras that has great meaning for me is: All you can do is all you can do - and all you can do is enough. And let me add that you - aside from whatever you can do - are more than enough!


Girlfriends matter! Sending you a gift from INdy: A HUG! Thanks for keepin' it real.


Thank you for sharing!! I needed to hear this today!! :)

Toni K

Isn't it wonderful to have trues! I have some, and I know my friends would have reacted the same way! We get together to make cards regularly, and dinner, and chocolate of course. But sometimes we get together just to be together. I was telling someone about our group and told them that we make cards together, but it's not really about the cards, it never was. We have helped each other through a lot of life's struggles. I'm so happy to hear when others have the same kind of friends :) I will pray for you to deal with your fibromyalgia, and for a cure someday! I love reading your posts by the way. Hugs!


wonderful post!!!
i sent you an e mail 2 days ago! did you receive it?

Diane Hover

A great story, what wonderful friends you sound so like me....everything is always such a rush...but I love the part where "sometimes" you don't have to have the very make me want to gather my friends and do a get away...if I were there, the slapstick would of be A-okay with me, too.....


beautiful treasured moment. thanks for sharing it with us!! my friend too is sticken with pain .. huge hugs to you


Bless you for your honesty and authenticity. You are one amazing soul.


Thank you so much for sharing this lovely story Christy. I'm sat here sobbing because it resonates so closely to what I feel right now having recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn's disease...and I struggle...

It is very hard, when in our hearts, we just love 'giving' to our dear friends and family, to suddenly realise there is nothing left inside us to give. We struggle daily with coping with everyday things so that it is a struggle to think of others as we would normally do.

This is when those who love us spring into action and shower us with love and acceptance and that is what we truly need...and to have the grace to accept what is offered in love.

What amazing friends you have - so loving and supportive. Such a wonderful blessing. And it is in these times of struggle that we learn the most necessary lessons don't you think?

Your gift of candy and a story was all that you had but you were there do give it and that is what was important to your friends.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lesley x

Dottee O.

You are the sweetest of hearts! Thanks for sharing and making me weep as I realize, at times, that I don't feel like I can be all I want to be or give all I want to give. I used to be able to keep a million pans in the fire and life has changed and forced me to focus on what really matters most. I have to use my strength and energy wisely. That is why my husband and I decided to drive to Idaho on Easter weekend to surprise our grandson (11 years old)for his birthday! The travel was long and hard BUT it was totally worth it to hear him say "this is the best birthday present EVER !!". I was in pain for 3 days after we returned home but I'm so glad we went. By the way, I waved to you when we passed the Shelly exit!!

Annette T

Thanks for baring your heart to us Christy! You are Very Authentic and I love it!
Cheers Brave Girl!


First, awesome post......
Second, I wish I had a slapstick!

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