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May 13, 2011



loved this video!! Cannot wait to actually get into the videos of the class. I have been so busy and not had the time yet. So thanks again for having the class room open for so long! You are an inspiration Christy!


sending you hugs Christy!!!

Pam Staley

I have watched this video 2-3 times, because you inspire me so much. I sponsor an 8-year old girl from El Salvador and am putting some art supplies in a box for her July birthday. She always sends me pictures of houses, trees, sidewalk to a nearby house, etc. I will encourage her artistic talent because of your inspiration that I receive. Can't wait for the 3 Hearts workshop next week. Oh -- I also want to know what music was playing. It is energizing. THANKS, CHRISTY!


Wow. I am in awe of your creativity. You amaze me . . . I sit here and watch the video. Your art unfolds and is beautiful.

Love it! You totally inspire me :)

Peggy Lee

Christy your art work is such an inspiration, I have on 8 weeks of recovery from surgery and spending my days watching your videos and reading the blog. awesome


As usual-blown away by your art and sharing of your beautiful soul! Can't wait till 3Hearts starts!


Christy, I LOVE this video!! I am so looking forward to the 23rd and the Three Hearts class!!


I love to see how your canvases come together. Woonderful to watch and full of inspiration. Thank you.


Wonderful to watch how your canvases come together and such inspiration for the rest of us.
Thank you


i have gone down that same path over the last year...
it is amazing and i have loved feeling the difference in me over the last few months. (thank you soul restoration!)
watching you create is so inspiring and you have such a talent.
i can't wait for the new workshop!


wow! so inspiring :) thank you!!!

Dottee O. inspire me with your art, your enthusiasm, your wisdom and your ability to express what is on your mind and in your heart. Thanks for all you do to help your "peeps" bring more meaningful art into our lives!


Ditto Jenni's comment.
What are the type of those yummy looking crayons please. I tried pausing the video to glimpse a brand name but just couldn't catch it.


It's so true what you said...I love this page in your journal. I totally can't wait for this class to start.


My new motto. . .rock my world and make me a stronger person. I am so inspired by your work and loved LOVED LOVED your class at inspired! Thanks for sharing. KD

Toni K

Love it! I so get it!

Carol Zeitz

Thank you for another wonderful video. I loved watching you use the Pan Pastels and I am so excited for 3 Hearts to start!


Hi Christy, Can't wait for the 23rd, just a quick question do you have to seal the pan pastels? Love your videos!! Kelly

katie squires

Thank-you, I really needed to hear that today :) You beautiful girl you :) thank-you.


Well said Christy...

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