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May 23, 2011



Tremendous read...


I am amazed at how much you had in your one car garage and hallway!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Love your family and you are to dang funny :)....You need to get your sister those heat pack thingys to put in her jacket pockets perhaps that would keep her warm =). Thanks for sharing Christy your to cool :)

Bambi Pro

Loved, loved, loved this video. So happy for you that you got a warehouse. Hi to Ben.


Thanks for sharing Christy. You have brought us into your home before with just your kind words and bubbly personality. Keep nurturing that seed for a hot tub! The cold gets to me too but not because of an illness, just because, so I can only imagine. Have super weekend.


I watched the whole video - couldn't turn it off. :-) Thank you for sharing this video - it's interesting to see where you and your family work.

Heidi Hines

You Guys crack me up!!!! Thanks Ben for printing that out!!!!!!!!! ;) Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!! My hubby finally will be homeeeeee. Thanks for all that you do!!!

laura huffman

so glad everything worked out for you. terrific.


Congrats on your warehouse space! This is going to cause you to have to do more planning to pull out "demos" to show us, since it's not as close! LOL


Oops, forgot to say, tell Ben I watched to the end, I'm sure we all did, who wouldn't????? Love seeing where you do your thing.


Christy, love your home and yard, thank you for sharing. Your kids are adorable!!! That would be fab to work in the wharehouse, too be surrounded by all that stash, ahhhhhh.... Totally understand why you are so pleased to have your home back and I'm guessing it must be so much easier to pick and pack orders now that everything has a place of it's own.


Thank you for sharing! I would love to hear a rendition of Noah's piano playing on one of your videos! Thanks Christy, you have a very lovely home and family! xo


Christy - here i sit on the other side of the world, smiling and thoroughly enjoying your 'tour' video - you are lovely - don't ever change!

Dottee O.

AMAZING!! I can't believe that you had all those supplies in your house!! I am so impressed at the way you and Ben have worked together to make your business(es) thrive...yes, you two are amazing!

Kim Rose

Christy.. Something I love and admire about you is how down to earth you are. I am so blessed to know you and wish you all the best! Your video is so cute.. your family is beautiful... amazing things come out of small places....
Love to you!


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing! Your hubby is a cutie and your sister is sooo pretty! Great kids too! you are one busy girl! Loved watching the video!!!

Phua Anita

The art pieces and videos you create are always so beautiful. I get the impression that you are a professional and work in a professional studio. So .. .. it's nice to know very creative people live normal lives and have normal homes like the rest of us.

Annie Lou Ricci

You video was a little long but I did enjoy seeing the peeps in your life !!!! You are so far away--and yet so close through video !!!! Some of your kids were missing .... need to meet them too !!!!!!


Hahahaha! Your work area/desk totally looks like mine right now. I thought I was messy scrapbooking, but it's nothing compared to the mess I make creating She Art!


It must be such a relief to be clearing some space in your lovely home Christy.

Thank you for showing us around - always interesting to see other peoples' spaces'

Sarah Lejeune

Thank you, Honestly, thank you. Ben should know you have lots of people that admire the person you are. The way you share your talents and are open about the ups and downs of your life, just makes it easier for others to know we all have good along with the difficult.I So appreciate the example you are for others w/ medical issues, that you can't give up. You show joy in your work and I just really appreciate that and respect your ethics. May God keep blessing you and your family! Thanks for opening the door {to mixed media} for me that has brought such joy to me. I love scrapbooking but honestly this is so freeing. Again thank you and rest assured I am NOT a stalker, just wanted to take the time to let you know what you are doing is appreciated! Sincerely, Sarah Lejeune

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