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May 23, 2011


Diana Hetherington

thank you for sharing your world with us!!!!

Lisa Ciaravino

I watched the whole video Ben !!! Thanks for sharing your business side and family !! Your kid's are sooo cute!!!!

Vicky Carter

i was amazed at how much stuff you had in the warehouse, but to then find out you used to keep it in your house...that just blew me away. thanks for the video. living in australia it is nice to see what its like all the way over there. love your work, thanks so much for sharing your art with us all.

Ramee @ Rae-Berry Beads and More

You rock!!! Thanks for sharing!


Merci pour ce partage


Thank you for sharing...love your new space...it has got to feel so good to have it out of the house..


I absolutely loved watching this! Thank you so much for sharing this! You're an amzaing family and I love your house!

nicole austin

what a lovely behind the scenes video! i love seeing other artist's workspace. i am amazed that all of that fit into your garage and hallway! wow. must be nice to have a separate workspace and now a larger space for your studio! i'm looking forward to more classes in the future!


Oh my... i can't believe it.
Must be nice to have your house back :-)

Susan Tidwell

I watched the whole thing too - loved it! Can't believe you fit all that stuff in your house. Am sure you will LOVE having the warehouse. So cool to see where you create - your desk looks like mine and that makes me feel better. Lovely family too.


Tell Ben I loved the video and stayed right to the end, I enjoyed seeing your house, and your work area, and how you flim, because you videos are great really clear, great light, and you are a great teaher really easy to understand and so willing to share what you know. And I hope you get that hot tub you deserve it, and tell Ben he can share it with you once and awhile


...ant tell Ben I watched the video twice...lol


Love Love Loved the video...Noah was an awesome guide and tell Ben he totally rocked that Lynard Skynard shirt...haha :)...I can't leave Tia out...she rocked that hoody...lol:)!
ps: I know the house may be small to you now but your children will eventually leave home and one day you will be wanting that most gorgeous house back...I don't know if I could leave it :)

Linda Polaretzki

I just can't believe this was all in your house!!!! Loved the whole video. Thank goodness for family. Noah is just great - not shy at all. He is so cute. It was great seeing how everything is finally getting organized. You deserve an award - you are so amazing!!


So happy for you!! I think Noah was the star. Great family


Can I "borrow" Noah, he is soooo cute. Thanks for showing us an insight into your daily life happenings.

Amy Walker

Wow...you weren't kidding!! LOL.....I am in awe at how much stuff was in your house!!! Thank goodness you guys have that warehouse now! Oh, and yes, I watched the whole video too, Ben. So there!! LOL...Christy's right....people do like to see stuff!! LOL Thanks for sharing your life with us!!! You have an awesome family!!

angie blom

wow.. I can't believe you fit that all in your house.. madness I say.. so happy you found a space for your stores!! Your kids are too cute. thanks for sharing Christy.

Kim Boken

Awesome!! So glad you finally have a great and bigger space for your business!!

Jana Darrington

Watched the whole video, Ben, and have to say your work area looks like my laundry room since I got hooked. Now that's a big problem for me.... but I can't bare to clean it and stop creating. Your fam is delightful and I have to say, being a former piano teacher....cold fingers don't work so great!

You guys are such a fun and beautiful family (loved the tour guide)
....thanks for sharing the best part of your life! Wish you much continued success in everything!!!!

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