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May 30, 2011


Teresa Jaye

what an awesome photo! His legacy lives on through you and your siblings as you remember him to your children - just beautiful!

Sarah Lejeune

such an awesome photo and it appears you were so blessed by your father!


Beautiful way to celebrate your Dad!

I just signed up for you SHe Art class and wanted to add the Button to my Blog. Can't seem to get. Please send my way.


Barbara Marie

Your dad's legacy is very evident, Christy... what an honorable tribute to him... you are both blessed and a blessing!

Annie Lou Ricci

This picture is priceless ... and you Dad will always be with you ... in your heart and memories ..... I am sure just thinking of him brings a smile to your face ...... and laughter in your heart .... I think he left a great legacy behind ... and I a getting teary !!!!! Love to you !!!!! Annie Lou


What a beautiful post, Christy...and, what sweet and special memories and thoughts of your dad. I am very close to my daddy so I always love hearing about others that experience this same blessing. May all of the moments you shared with him bring you comfort and smiles each day as you continue celebrating him.

I'm still loving the e-course and having such fun experimenting and watching the videos over and over. :)

Hugs, sweet chick!

Elena Lai Etcheverry

this is sooo beautiful!


Fabulous photo of you Dad! What a wounderful tribute and memory for everyone. Have a great week.


Christy, your dad looks like he was a great guy. Love his smile. You can see how much his grandchildren made him happy.


What a great photo of your dad and all the kids! What a wonderful tribute (the balloon launch) to him.

Jen Osborn

Oh my sweet goodness!
This photograph makes my heart smile :)

Laurie LaRiviere

now that's an awesome picture, one that those kids in the photo will treasure forever...


What a very beautiful photograph of your very special Dad. We don't have a memorial day over here in the UK but it is such a lovely idea. I shall be remembering my dear Mum who we lost 2 years ago now.

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Belated Happy Memorial day. Mine memory are getting finished now a days but your post inspires me to keep up the pace of my past memories.Thanks for the post.

Barbara Hernandez

Beautiful Grandpa picture, you know it is a treasure when it brings a tear and a smile at the same moment.

Linda Robison

Hi Christy, I know this is a year of "firsts" since losing your Dad and I pray for you as each of those anniversaries knocks
on your door. I can tell he was an awesome man and you were truly blessed! It's been 2 years for me, and the wound still feels fresh so I focus on the good stuff. I miss my Mother most, she was my best friend - I too am grateful for a day dedicated to remembering. Wonderful post - hugs.


Beautiful picture and loving words!

Linda Polaretzki

thanks for sharing - you were very lucky and I'm sure he's watching you all.

Nichole Estesse Paskett

to say happy Memorial day to Everyone

debbie McIntyre

so.....oops, I meant xo

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