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May 30, 2011


debbie McIntyre

How lucky all of you are to have had such a wonderful role model. What a wonderful photo. It's so great that you all get together so often. so

Deborah Todd

Love the photo...what an awesome memory.

Brenda Jensen

Your Dad was amazing!! I miss him too1


thank you for sharing such an important moment/thought/feeling with us
i hope you and your family had a wonderful day!

Irene Fitzpatrick

A wonderful photo, Christy!

Michelle S

God Bless you and yours, Christy! Just finished watching the 3 Hearts video about your family and I was so touched!

Kim Boken

What a great way to honor your dad's memory..I am blessed to have my parent's still here with me and days like this make me appreciate them all the more! HUGS

Christine N

Oh my goodness!!! I think that's the cutest grandpa picture I've ever seen!!!

joanne sharpe

Such a sweet post about YOUR dad, brought tears to me, as this is my dad's birthday. He WOULD have been 72, but only had 55 birthdays. I miss him, but i know he is at the feet of Jesus in heaven every day now. He was a catholic deacon, so full of love and faith. Instead of the intense sadness i humanly feel, i imagine him in paradise, living his eternity with our Lord. It gives me great peace. Blessings to you! Oh, and i too am from a huge family, oldest of SEVEN KIDS. God is good.

Dottee O.

Happy Day to you and your beautiful family!!
(This photo is a true treasure!!)


what a fun picture and tribute to your dad.
thank you for sharing.


That is such a wonderful photo and special memories to have. Enjoy your day with your family. :-)

Jane Bradley

Christy, I am so sorry for your loss. I am of all most blessed to still have both my parents with me. I feel like I know you after taking your online classes and meeting you in Charlotte at INSPIRED. Thinking of you today. I am loving the class, too.


Jacky S

What a wonderful photo,Christy.

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