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May 19, 2011


Teresa Jaye

wow, wow, wow - these pieces are all absolutely amazing! Your collections are going to be a huge success!


Awesome Christy!! Would be so cool to see your designs on posters, cards, patterned paper!! Good luck with all your projects! You are amazing!!

Juliana Hall

Congrats! I am so happy for you. This is so great and really inspiring! I love the "Blessed are the Meek" background! It's beautiful!

So very excited for you, Christy!!!! What a wonderful experience. Go out and know that your art touches many, many people in such positive ways. Of COURSE they would want that to be in their homes!

Carole Kurth

Wow!these are fantastic! I'm recent to your site, but you inspire me, and I'm looking forward to taking your journaling classes. Can't do 'Three Hearts' now, but promise you'll do it in August! Happy for you, and happy for me that I found your site!


Christy your work is very special and I, for one, can't wait til you add your work to either Scarlet Lime or Etsy as I'd love to buy a piece for our newly decorated living room.
You are so generous when it comes to sharing your art with others I really hope and pray that your rewards will be huge, as I'm sure they will.
If you're interested, your art has really inspired me and I've just done a canvas using some of the techniques you so generously share with us.
Wishing you much success.

Limor David

my dear
your art and your progress inspire me! so blessed to be your friend
hugs from far away

Dira Reeves

I love them...all of them...can't wait to see the rest of your collections!! beautiful work from a beautiful woman :)


how can you say silly?? they are SO beautiful!! Love all of them, but the baby girl dress one is my fave, love that!! I would pay for your prints and I think you should put them on Scarlet Lime, I am going to have my own studio this fall and would LOVE to have one of your prints on the wall :)

June Tan

They're gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


I haven't seen any artwork from you that I didn't love. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You truly do inspire me;D

Dottee O.

Your work is amazing and fun and wonderful AND EVERYONE LOVES IT!!

I am happy and proud to be one of your students!!

Jeannie Weeks

Oh not silly at all. You have every right to feel the way you do. Love your stuff and your classes. You are such a talented lady and so great of you to share your love of this type of art. Thank you


Love them!

Jeanene Snell

Your humility regarding your amazing talent is charming. I have come late to this mixed media party, but I am loving your style. You have inspired me to jump in to the "mix".


They all are beautiful pieces! TFS


I think they look just devine! I would buy some:) good for you!


Congratulations they are amazing - and that one with the clothes on the line - I have to have it - sooooooo cute!!!!! Can't wait for the store!!! Hope you can ship internationally!!

Mary Whiteside

SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Just like your spirit! SO HAPPY I got to meet you in person at Inspired and spend time creating with you! So many emails back and forth, but now when I read them, I will hear your voice and see your face in my mind speaking to me. :) Love ya girl!

Beth Benham

They are all so pretty! I can't wait to be able to buy them!! You have such a gift and I am guessing you don't even know it!!

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