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May 09, 2011



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your individual

Nice advice and ideas, Thanks so much!


What a positively lovely looking moodboard! Delighted to see my Rococo Shawl knitting pattern included. Thank you :)

Amanda Siminger

I'm lovin' the "Dream Garden Necklace" but the link is not correct. Can you please check this out for me?? Thanks.



I remember standing beside a rain puddle on a sidewalk and seeing the reflection of the sky and clouds and pretending the puddle was a hole into another world that I could just jump into...and I could stare "down" at that puddle that seemed so deep with those clouds reflecting in it forever. It's easy to entertain a child-like heart. I'm tryin, now that I'm growin.

Beverly S

Enjoyed your post. I have similar sweet memories of my grandparents, only one set because the others died before I was born. But Granny & Pa lived in the country down a long, long path, and had huge trees with a tire swing. They are both gone now, but I have such wonderful memories!
Have a great and safe trip.


Have a wonderful trip and thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.


Love your energy!! Have a wonderful trip!


I'm going to see Water for Elephants this week, too...Girlfriend playday on Thursday. Have a fun time with your girlfriends!!


See you at Inspired!!


What a beautiful story about your memories Christy, you sure are blessed and appreciate the small things in life :) Have fun, enjoy what you do best "teaching"

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