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May 26, 2011


Eniko's Playhouse

Awesome video! I was DIEING to see where you create & how you video tape your work. Your authenticity is so refreshing. After seeing all the fancy work spaces in magazines like "Where Women Create", I felt a tad inadequate -thanks for setting me straight. I love your no-nonsense approach to life & work and once again, you have given me wings!

Jacqueline Kriesels

I just found your blog, and I must say I really LOVE your art space! You have such wonderfull idea's of storing all the art stuff, I'm certainly gonna use some of your ideas!
Thanks so much for sharing.

marty flowers

Great video....just a little husband made legs out of pvc pipe(plumbing pipe) to raise the legs of the table higher...we take them off when we need and put them back on when we need it raised....It is very stable and I love it..just thought you might try that to raise the height of your table...just measure them evenly and voila a custom height just for you....hugs

mardi james

In stead of cutting off the legs of your chair, put blocks under the legs of the table. I work in an office and a lot of people have higher desks and chairs, so they can stand, or sit.
Thanks for sharing you space

Kelle Arvay

I just adore your work! It was neat seeing your work space. Oh and you answered the biggest burning questions I had..."How in the world does she film overhead like that". Your hubby is indeed a genius! I tried putting a camera over my shoulder and didn't have great results so that is a brilliant idea.

Again, did I mention I love your work! You definitely inspire me. Can't wait to get the supplies I ordered from your shop (:

You can peek at my newest mixed media piece if you wish at the link I'm including.



christy I absolutely love that you shared "where REAL women create". ha ha! our studios are not always pretty and full of fancy furniture, but the inspiration is always overflowing. have a wonderful day! ciao!

Thanks for sharing the video of your space. It's always interesting to me to see where people create! :)


I loved the tour of your studio and your warehouse, I find it very interesting to see spaces where artists create. Love your vids

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

OMG, thank you for sharing your space! It seems like sometimes I only see these elaborate fancy spaces that must have cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to put together. They're crisp and white with perfect baskets and containers, and while they're beautiful, they don't have character where they appear USED and LOVED!! Love your space!


Thank you for sharing!!! You're such an inspiration. I love your art, but what I love most is how real and honest you are. :)


Christy thanks for sharing, anytime I watch one of your videos' you just make my day. I love the carts.


Love, love, love your space. It's perfect. I don't often find spaces that appeal to me. Some are way too clean and tidy and put away. Looks like a regular room in the house. I have to be able to see my stuff or I forget what I have. But on the flip side, if everything is out and exposed I can't find what I have. I think you have a PERFECT solution. I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for sharing your space.

Toni K

Thanks for sharing! I know seeing all of those fancy studio spaces can make us envious, so it's nice to see someone so talented make their magic in a regular old space. You give us all hope :)


Thanks for sharing your space. It's a wonderful space that you can create it, and you have such supportive family who help you get more creative!


love your videos Christy!!

Dottee O.

Those carts are to die for!
My 2 year old grandson was sitting on my lap watching your video with me and about half way through I asked him, "what does Christy have in her art room?" He looked up at me with his huge twinkling dark brown eyes and said, "cool stuff"!! I agree!!

Robynn McFerren

Thanks for sharing your space Christy!!! My last house I too was in the garage and used a space heater to keep warm, brrrrr. Not good. I had an old antique table for my crafting. My husband put in those pre-fab counters from Lowe's and some plastic cabinets. When it was too cold I moved into the guest room on a card table and used plastic 12x12 drawers for my paper which spilled out into the hallway and onto the pullout couch. It got so bad there was only enough room to squeeze thru to my table, LOL.
We have since built a house and I have that craft room of my dreams but since taking your She Art classes I now have so many new art items (that I LOVE) I have to redo the entire space to fit everything in and with the 3 Hearts I know I'll have even more. I'm not complaining, just saying that I been where you are and even when you have that "space" it's never enough for an artist, LOL

Kimberly Roberts

thanks so sharing your space!! love your work and looking forward to signing up for some of your ecourses very shortly!

Carol Miller

OMG. That's what we did for my Mom & Dad. Sent balloons to heaven in their favorite colors. My Dad was first. When Mom died we sent up balloons and then one in Dad's color with message written on it. Makes your heart feel good to see them soar to heaven. Don't forget to take pictures. I still send balloons up. Thanks for always being a bright spot in my mailbox. You are my favorite blog. Love She Art Girls. Wish I could take the Three Hearts, but being unemployed...maybe next time. I feel your pain when you share your Fibromyalgia. My good friend has had it for 20 years and my neice has just been diagnosed with it. I have been suffering with Frozen Shoulder in both arms since February. Hard to be in pain and unable to do things. My art makes my soul happy. God Bless.


thank you so much for all you share!! I LOVE your art carts!! I think I may NEED one!! (or two ;-)))

You are an inspiration!

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