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May 26, 2011



Thanks for sharing your 'art space'.... I have a spare room and I love it... it's not fancy, but I have shelves, a large desk, built in robes, and my sewing table.... sounds squishy, but it's not..I think the key to a tidy room is 'a place for everything, and everything in it's place'...but saying that, I don't think I would be as 'creative' in a fancy, perfectly organized art room..LOL.. Love Bronny


Thank you so much for sharing your "sacred' space with us. It is such a relief to see that there are other creative souls out there just like us, no fancy studio.
One serious note though..... Please, please move your electrical extension cord out of your paper box. A major fire hazard. Get hubby to clip it up onto the back of your table.

Dawn B

Thanks for your tour, I really enjoyed it:) Its nice to see what your "rummaging" through when you are doing your videos. Great space, I love those carts with the bins. My hubby has one out in the storage room, I wonder if he would miss it, hmmmmm.....
In your shoe shine box, could you find some small jars to fit in it to hold up your brushes??
And your brushes you had in the sugar jars, do you keep those in water to keep them from drying and getting hard? That is one tool that I"m not sure how to clean and store them the best way.
Thank you again, you sweet thang:)

Annette Graves

Girl, you got a treasure with the paint in the viles. They are china painting paints. You can mix with mineral oil and fire in a kiln. I have some. Probably some of the colors, I can almost bet have lots of gold in them and are expensive.. that is the first thing china painters look for. Just had to tell you. I agree with johanna, it is what you have inside that creates. Us to when I was starting photography as a professional, over 25 years ago and now retired. People thought they had to have a fancy studio, not so, it is what is in your heart. See same thing. Love ya Annette Graves


Thank you for sharing this with us. Lately I have been working on transitioning my second bedroom/office into an "art studio" - I get very distracted with trying to make it pretty and looking at inspiration online -

you are one of my favorite artists, and I have learned SO much from you - so seeing your normal, functional, well organized space is better inspiration than all the fanciest studios out there. It's really about what's inside, and what we create. so thank you.


thank you so very much for sharing your world with us!! you have me so thinking and creating in a whole new way. thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Ann Marie

Hey, that was really fun -- I really enjoyed "peeking" into your space! Thanks!


You are too cute Christy, & are so comfortable behind that camera! You always make me feel like I'm right there in the garage with you creating. You have so many cool things, and I loved seeing your space! My art room doubles as our guest room, so the queen bed takes up a lot, but I'm thankful for what I have. Congratulations on all of your projects and upcoming features in some of my favorite publications. Have a fun weekend with your family.

katie squires

I loved loved loved loved that video :)

Julie Parmer Hosley

Love it! (and shopping with you!) That was such a great find that day...love your little shoe shine box...you sweet girl are shining so so BRIGHT these days! xoxo

Linda Polaretzki

I envy you the work space you have now. I am limited to the guest room and my husband always stands in the doorway and shakes his head and always has a comment, like "don't you ever straighten this out"? Only when company is coming. It's an artistic environment, right? Have to have everything handy for the current project!!!

Lindi Stevenson

Always reassuring to see where other artists make art. As long as it works for you and you love it, that's all that matters. Thanks for the tour.

Annette Kuusinen

Cute painted toes! i love those shelves & bins. Thank you for sharing how your organize your space.


You are just too dang cute. This morning I was watching one of the 3 Hearts pieces and my husband came in stopped and watched. He got tickled too with you calling yourself dude and such. He found you very informative and entertaining at the same time. Just thought you should know. I you know what, I would love to have your space. I'm in an old 'laundry' space that's 8ft x 5ft. It sounds big but after I pile everything in I can barely turn around. What bothers me most is having to move stuff to get to what I actually want. with that all said, I am grateful for my space, I've read of others with even less. I just try to find creative storage solutions and keep going vertical. Soon stuff will be hanging off the ceiling! LOL! Thanks for sharing with us. You're a doll.

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