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May 05, 2011


Affordable Medical Insurance

You are one busy girl! Looks like a creative blast. It sounds and looks like you had SO. Much. Fun!

insanity dvd

I cant wait to read much more from you. I just feel like you know so substantially and know how to make people listen to what you’ve got to say.


LOVE the site LOVE the beach LOVE life but.....
I would just LOVE if someone would help me get my SHE ARt class going. I paid but nothing has shown up yet?
[email protected]

Melissa Kennedy

miss you already, felt like i was back there reading your blog. thanks for sharing so much and really looking forward to catching up with you again in July

Yikes. You are one busy girl!!! There should be about three of you. Thanks for all the updates on all the amazing products. My mind is spinning of all the possibilities!! Take good care of YOU.(I read your blog on your fibromyalgia)

collette schildkraut

I'm glad you had a great time.... you are so cute.....I'm excited to start she has 3 hearts.......

Linda Robison

OMGosh! Don't know if you read these comments but I am taking SheArt2 and LOVING it. It is giving me the confidence to stretch out into painting/collage/mixed media like I've wanted to do for so long!! Love your videos and I am such a RANGER FAN!! Love their stuff and cannot wait until you show me techniques anew - PLEASE hurry home and dazzle us with your love. Happy Mother's Day and thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooo much.


Oh my word how do you fit all this into your life. You must have so much energy!

Thank you for sharing your Ranger U with us.

Looking forward to the new Behind the Art video!

Dottee O.

The BEACH!! Oh you lucky duck!!
Christy, you are a walking ad for Ranger U!! I'm sure we'd all LOVE to go!! I have tons of Ranger products and use them in my rubber stamping submissions....really, they are incredible! Guess where I learned how to use them? On You Tube, LOL! I'm looking forward to you teaching us how to use the Distress Stains. Sheesh...your blog entry has me all pumped up for the art journaling class!
Happy Mother's Day to you too!!


Ahhhh, seeing my sweet Jersey shore was special! I lived in NJ from the 3rd through 6th grades, and spent my summers in Cape May, a place you will need to see someday, so beautiful!

It sounds and looks like you had SO. Much. Fun!!!! I can't wait for you to share all of these techniques. I've always wanted to learn more about Tim's products, but he has so many groupies, that you can't get into his workshops because they just take them over and over and it's SO freakin' hard to get in!!! LOL He's coming to San Jose, this summer, I hear, so maybe I'll get lucky this time!


Your happiness is infectious, great post. Happy Mother's Day. Look forward to your videos. Would love to go to Ranger U as I love their products too and I know I should learn how to utilise them all properly. Another one on my wish list or is that my bucket list LOL


What an awesome post, I loved hearing about Ranger U. It would be fantastic to go to it....


there is nothing more perfect than the mix of you and Ranger products!!! i can't wait to finish your SheArt class and move on to the next ones!!!!

Lori Smith

Looks like a creative blast. I'm so grateful you were able to attend & we get to reap in the benefits. Love the new beadart site. You are so amazing. Happy Mothers Day Beautiful Girl!!! xoxoxo

Donna P.

What a great post, looks like you had SO much FUN!! You are one busy lady, but I see you have such a passion for it all. I wish you all the best!


hi!!! your journal looks wonderful! where can i find one like this on line?

Juliana Hall

Holy Cow. That sounds so fun! I have to say you are such an inspiration to me and I love having you as my teacher. I am so excited to learn about how to use all those new fun products. I seriously have no idea how to use the alcohol inks, so I'm so glad you do and can teach me! Also I love your new BeadArt website. It's awesome! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Charity Holt

i so wanna see what you learned! can't wait for you to teach it online!

Rosie Grey

Wow, how exciting Christy! That sounds like the perfect weekend and I can't wait to hear and see more of what you learned! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy Mother's Day!


Hi Christy. Thanks for the nice words about Jersey. Born and bred here and still love it. I'm glad you came when we had a couple of days of nice weather. Can't wait for your next workshop. Will we be getting the supply list this week or when you come back from Inspired?

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