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May 17, 2011


Amy Walker

Hi Christy!! Will you be sending the link for the class after registration closes then? I just wanted to make sure, because I haven't received anything yet.
Thanks!! Looking forward to "Three Hearts"!!

Diana Hetherington

I know i signed up but can't find proof!!! oh no!! must keep searching!!


you MUST listen to your body!!! when it needs rest, you have to do it!!! but, that being said - yippee.....monday is almost here......cannot wait.....have lots of stuff ready and waiting....
hugs and more

angie blom

I can't wait!! yippee

Diana Hetherington

OMGoodness I did it!! i just signed up!! but really how could i not....
and a chance to win a shopping spree to boot!!!!
what a wonderful day that would be!!!

nicole watson

christy -
planning on signing up for your class, so excited but a tad overwhelmed with supplies. could you post maybe your top 5 or 10 items you'd purchase on a budget? i have some things on hand, but want to make sure i really have some good essentials to start.


laura huffman

my motto, take a nap. do it when you need it. it's good for your body. don't think you'd get everything done though if you took too many naps. love the she class. thanks so much for sharing yourself. love it. have a good week.


It was great meeting you at "Inspired" the art you create!


awwwwwww some giveaway! thanks so much for the chance to win! hugs!


Sounds like an amazing workshop. Love that Chinese Proverb too :)

Lisa Ciaravino

Oh how I would LOVVVVVEEEE to win a shopping spree ar Scarlet Lime! Can't wait till next week.

Sarah Lejeune

signed up and can't wait! Look forward to the tour as well. I totally enjoy your style!


I am in marvel with all that you do. I know I mentioned that I lost my job from watching your videos. That is part of the truth. I also have been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and sometimes the tiredness (is that a word?) just covers and smothers my body and soul. Although I have only completed one SheArt project, you have re introduced my art ino my lfe and I thank you for that. Can't wait until Monday!


Can't wait till next week!! I'm getting a message saying the video link is broken! xx

Cant wait till next week! I'm getting a message saying the video link is broken xx

Dawn B

Obviously your body needed more rest then you knew! Good for you to be just lay down and sleep!! And I think those "impromptu"videos and tours sound fun. I always wonder what your workshop looks like. It always cracks me up on the sheart workshops how you are always using and getting new product. What will you do now with the shop out of your house. I guess you won't run out of product as fast ha haha.
I am so happy for you how your life is full circle:) Everything you do is great and you are so natural.
thank you christy.

Gweny DeBoer

Christy please come to S.CA and teach one of your beautiful art classes.

Robin Blackman

Love you Christy!!! Loved Inspired!! Loved art journaling with you!!
Loved your class!!! Robin

Martha Richardson

WootWoot! Sounds like a fab time @ inspired...I was only 5 hrs. up the road but work obligations prevented me from attending. A drawing...oh would I love a gift certificate to your store. My list is a mile long...LOL!

I'm on board! Can't wait, Christy!!

Kristy T.

so excited to begin She Had 3 hearts !! I'm confused though.... did I miss the link to the videos? lol !! HELP !!!

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