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May 11, 2011


vintage wedding bands

Look how many comments about your beautifull writing! I'd like to join all the pepole before me and tell you your work and writing are absoultly briliant! keep up the good work there!

susie c.

love the tote! the color is great, and the ruffles are just fun... :)

Lori McCausland

I just LOVE your friend's clothing and bags! I'm sure you've already picked your winner, but just had to post since I'm just visiting this morning.

What inspires me this Spring, you ask? The dreaminess of the Spring sky...the smell of Spring grass...the vibrant colors of Spring flowers...the texture of those fluffy, furry caterpillars I see everywhere...the birds' Spring songs...NATURE:)


The longer days inspire me. The soft spring light in the evenings is just perfect - and the spring rains! Everything feels so fresh. This is the time of year I get together with my online friends for a papercrafting weekend. A group of talented, fun women who generously share their knowledge and skills with each other. Bliss!


Hi, Christy!! Love everything you shared!! I too have a few things Im not so happy about but thankful for so many others things and try to look at the positive and not the negative.
I 100% believe what you think that what we make out of life it what counts not just focusing on the not so good things in life!! Well said!!
I'm always inspired by the Spring by hearing the birds chirping to all the gorgeous wildflowers we see in blooom each year!
Hope your enjoyig your class with Donna!

Patricia Pape

Jeanne's work speaks to me - I want it all! (Especially the gray tote.)


oh christy,
thank you for introducing "us" to this wonderfully talented person. I cannot wait to shop her stuff. I am inspired by so many things - right now YOU are my inspiration and monday, the 23rd cannot come soon enough.
hugs and more


Love the fashions!! I'm inspired by the new growth this spring..


i am inspired by possibilities this husband and i are embarking on a new business venture and we have decided to make all our dreams come true...i can only imagine what's next and that's just what i'm doing...imagining. thank you for sharing so much of your heart through your blog. i'll be joining the three heart workshop and just joined she art in progress.

Dawn Burnside

Wow,she's really amazing. And that apron, I would Love to have something that beautiful. I think seeing & hearing all the birds chirpin' about,the squirrels diggin' up what they hid this past winter,(at least I think that's what they're doing) and all of the beautiful colors & smells inspire me. Thanks so much for the generous offer. You truly are two "lovely" ladies. I too can't wait for 3Hearts wkshp.


All the gorgeous flowers and budding trees are getting me so excited for school to be out so I can have more time to work on my art. Inspiring!


Nature inspires me, especially spring this year. It's finally here! Loving all the rain, all the green, flowers, and sunshine too.


Love, LoVe, l-o-v-e your blog and online store. I want to sign up for the she art workshop, yesterday! Girl, you are amazing!!

Cindy Strickland

Inspired by the view out my window. Raindrops falling onto the orange and purple azaleas. The light is just magical trying to peak through the clouds.


Sure I discovered her site a little while ago or did I dream jevu. have definitely drooled over her products.. YUM.
Love the yellow shirt dress too.
It is just going into the cold weather here but it is Spring's bright colours of nature that inspire me.

Emily Armstrong

Those are some great pieces!
Today I am inspired by nature. I'm on the lake fishing and watching the birds. I am in love with His creation!

Liz Hurst

I have followed Jeanne for a long time. She is precious and I am so excited for her success as well as yours! I am inspired by Farmers Markets in the Spring...the beautiful fresh veggies, gorgeous flowers and plants, and homemade lovelies!

Suzanne B.

Her stuff is just beautiful! Spring always inspires me because there is color everywhere, especially in flowers. So pretty and inspiring!


I gotta say the ruffles on that tote are to die for!!
As for inspiration?? the warm sun and the bright green grass get me every spring!


Flowers and their colors - can't get enough of color after a long winter. It's showing up all over my house and wardrobe.

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